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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Quick comments from a broker

Quick comments from a broker

A broker visiting a relative had some brief comments about the building.

The halls smelled.  I can think of four reasons since cooking was not involved.  1)  Outside odors which can be a problem from time to time.  2)  Washing of the floors is needed.  3)  Grease traps are not cleaned in some units and the odor enters the hallways.  Having cleaned the grease traps, I have sensed this odor from time to time in some halls.  4)  Out gassing from the drains.  There has never been a full and complete explanation and guidance as far as regularly running water down the drains if not a full-time resident.  The floor drain in the bathroom also needs special attention by full-time residents, too.

Elevator flooring.  I have written about the sad condition of the elevators and the backwards works being done.  The flooring was also written about as far as its history.  Go to other buildings reflecting on what we got from Meridien/Century Properties.

Lobby uninviting.  Yes, I believe a large part of this is the lack of seating.  I had posted photos of the bench seating that was taken away.

Amenities.  The Resident's Lounge is not a resident's lounge.  True, there is a large table and it is often used for Board meetings we are not allowed to witness and other staff meetings.

What was the developer/builder doing?

What was the developer/builder doing?

Yes, there are so many things to point to when answering this question.  What was the developer/builder doing when the building was being built?  Was anyone paying attention?

Of course, there are the larger issues such as the elevators.  Will they ever be completely installed and safe and inspected?  Then there are the little things.  I know others have had the towel racks loosen since regular screws were placed directly into dry wall.  Where were those that know how to build?  Then we encountered the defective faucet which corroded, the exhaust fans with pipes that are completely open in the horizontal shafts above the balconies, the flooring not properly installed with brokers saying they will settle in time, etc.

One more small thing has taken place which others have had to deal with, the flexible pipe under the kitchen sink.  We had one replaced due to it falling from the connection under the sink drain.  But, the connection to the grease trap was a problem.  It was a poorly and strangely done job according to the person who replaced it.

Will the developer/builder be willing to go throughout the building to see all these problems?  If not, plenty of time to report on all these here at the blog.

How is the elevator coming along?  Many more photos are coming.