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The Fantasy Vision

Does everyone remember this among the wonderful ads and brochures and how about the salespeople and what they told us. I hear such fantasies continue. So after watching and remembering, cry and then laugh at the truth that is being exposed.

And, if the above is not enough and you need elevated blood pressure, here is the project's brochure.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Land Title of Soho Central

Land Title of Soho Central

We had been told of a problem in Makati with a property and that we should get what is commonly referred to as the Land Title.  It is in the name of Soho Central Condominium Corporation.  There were no liens discovered.

Turnover was in May/June 2009, right?  Would anyone know why it took until November 7, 2012 for the transfer of title to take place?

Please encourage unit owners you know in other buildings to get a certified true copy of their land titles checking for liens, too, comparing the date of transfer to date of turnover.

Drain Pipe Leak

Drain Pipe Leak

Please check your pipe going into the wall from the drain from the sink in the bathroom.  Is there appearance of rust?  Is there any leaking?  Has this taken place for your unit in the past?  Please let us know.

Our unit on the 35th floor has such a leak.  Why?  It appears to just have started.

Please ask all those you speak with in the building the same questions.  I will post photos of this tomorrow?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Rules for Buying Condo Units in the Philippines

Rules for Buying Condo Units in the Philippines

These are just some of the rules when buying condo units in the Philippines. Please add more in the comments to this post.  The recent land title scheme not being turned over to the condominium corporation with a lien placed on a property causing the building to be worthless in Makati from what I was told is just another lesson learned.

*  Buy and read Armando Ang's book, "Guide to Homeownership."  It was revised in 2009 but is still valuable giving important information and critical opinion.

**  Do not buy if immediate streets around the building flood.

***  Do not buy prebuilt.

****  See seven to nine units in different buildings before deciding.

*****  Get a copy of the By-Laws.

******  Get a copy of the Master Deed.

*******  Who is on the condominium corporation board and who controls the board?  Have there been elections and read Valle Verde vs Africa (Philippines Supreme Court), a decision made after Ang's book was revised?  How did board members obtain each seat?

********  Get copies of the architectural/engineering plans at the city engineer's office of your unit and the floor the unit is on.

*********  Check for columns in the unit and shared balconies.

**********  Measure the unit for square meters.

***********  Get a certified true copy of the land title and check for liens on the property from Registry of Deeds.

************  Have all ads signed by the broker and company officials printing the name and title under the signatures.

************* Verify earthquake fault lines in the area of the building and their distance.  Get a statement from the seller as to the structural integrity of the building.  See the following for additional information notably for Metro Manila - 

**************  Here is a story to make everyone think very carefully about all the potential problems.  A good friend was told about his friends' purchase in a well-known area that many see as an oasis in Makati.  When they walked into the duplex (2-floor) unit for inspection it was lacking one critical element.  They were told the critical element was optional.  This story was told to others who buy and care for condo units around Metro Manila and they did not believe the story.  I asked him again and he explained in detail what his friends experienced and the gathering they were at with others who almost coughed up their food during dinner being told the story while laughing.

The optional critical element in the highly regarded oasis development with an upscale mall were the stairs.  Yes, you just cannot make this stuff up.  They had to hire someone to put the stairs in afterward.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

RE: Soho Central Elevators

RE:  Soho Central Elevators

Dear Century Properties Inc. and Greenfield Development and Meridien Development:

When will Soho Central Condominium Corporation be able to have elevators that function and are safe and have been inspected?  We all know of the various stalls, drops, etc. and I have just experienced Passenger Elevator 1 go up never opening on the first stop at the 4th Floor.  All the floor button lights went out as well as the top screen that had only dashes.  The elevator then went to the ground floor and it took a little while for the door to open.

The ads and expectation of buying said elevators were included.  Please explain fully.

Thank you.

The Hills of Greenfield District

The Hills are alive with the look of

 Greenfield District

What happened to the hills of Maria?
No not her problem, the hills' problem.  The hills seem to have deflated augmentation.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Alternate spaces for the Greenfield District Jeepney Junction

Alternate spaces for the Greenfield District Jeepney Junction

The photos show two spaces on United just a block away from the former station. The first space had been used by jeepneys in the past as a parking facility. That space was just used as a storage site for construction materials for Channel 5's new building.
The second photo shows the new entrance to Unilab which would be ideal with the drive up and a long stretch of low volume roadway along the block for all the jeepneys and passengers. 
So it would seem the problem has two choices for a solution to the current failed scheme. These are along United at the corner of Sheridan.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Greenfield District Jeepney Junction

Greenfield District Jeepney Junction

The Soho Central resident photographer took these photos on April Fools night showing the commuter crowds that create an insecure area for walking and crossing Shaw Boulevard.  Was this move of the jeepney station to the junction well thought out and planned?

The photographer spoke to one of the well-trained guards at Shangri-La Plaza mall about this situation and he repeated what others have stated about being careful due to "snatching." 


For those that recall this old TV series ( ), read the lyrics below.  Try to sing the song with the new lyrics for Greenfield Junction.

Come ride the little train that is rolling down the tracks to the junction.
Forget about your cares, it is time to relax at the junction.
Lotsa of curves, you bet.
An' even more when you get
To the junction
Greenfield Junction
There are condos called Soho Central & Twin Oaks at the junction.
Greenfield Junction
They are run by managements come and be their residents at the junction.
Greenfield Junction
And that's a manager, moving kind of slow at the junction.
Greenfield Junction

With our area problems and miserable elevators you can only try to laugh instead of cry.

A Soho Central SPA's comment:  "Attention Greenfield District.....for the SAFETY & SECURITY of everyone, please relocate this shuttle and jeepney station elsewhere in a bigger space. Its causing traffic along the main thoroughfare of Shaw Blvd and has become the bystanders of snatchers, and pick pockets and unruly barkers and other bystanders who observe with evil intentions. Please be concerned of the residents and tenants of Soho Central and Twin Oaks SECURITY and SAFETY."

A Proxy Packet for the 2015 Annual Meeting on Friday, August 28, 2015

A Proxy Packet for the 2015 Annual Meeting on Friday, August 28, 2015

There were other posts below with the information and the following link has all the material in one .pdf file for download and printing.  Please assign your proxies quickly since August will come fast.  It is also important to read Section 4!!!  This section has not been demanded but one never knows what future actions will take.