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QUESTION: Is Stonewall Central a better name for the property?
UPDATE (click): 2012 Audited Financial Statements
UPDATE (click): 2013 Annual Meeting packet
UPDATE (click): 2013 Special Meeting packet

AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ANALYSIS 2009-2012 (click): A CPA analysis of SOHO Central Condominium Corporation's Audited Financial Statements

The Fantasy Vision

Does everyone remember this among the wonderful ads and brochures and how about the salespeople and what they told us. I hear such fantasies continue. So after watching and remembering, cry and then laugh at the truth that is being exposed.

And, if the above is not enough and you need elevated blood pressure, here is the project's brochure.

Many posts are still issues and need to be read once again. At this main hub of postings watch for new posts and updates. Please get involved by spreading the word as to the issues here. We must document all that is taking place. Many documents need retrieval and assistance is needed in getting them scanned and posted.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Slope, the Gutter & the Uglification Campaign

The Slope, the Gutter & the Uglification Campaign

There were two posts made at this blog in January 2014 where this slope problem was mentioned with one dedicated to it.

As has taken place in the past, the Board is addressing the issue with a solution decided upon without Unit Owners witnessing the meetings since they are private & secret.  If there had been openness and transparency, we could have said a ridiculous gutter is not the solution as it was constructed and that a proper drain with a metal grill would have been the most obvious solution.  Additionally, the drain needs to be built on Greenfield's Twin Oaks property since they were the ones who did not address this problem with their poorly designed frontage.

Remember, too, that Greenfield has three seats on the Soho Central Condominium Corporation Board of Directors to which all Unit Owners are legal members.  Why has Greenfield acted in such a manner to allow poor design and then its flawed gutter?  They have seats on the Board since they own the commercial areas of the building and those seats are reserved for them.  They also make nominations to those seats in elections though the entire membership votes on them.

Oh, also recall the 2011 Annual Meeting when those three seats as the others were up for election at the only Annual Meeting to have quorum.  The voting procedure for the meeting was illegal and then a member stood up and called on the body to approve the three nominations for the commercial areas  by acclamation further compounding the illegal election.  The election procedure for meeting was one vote per unit which is contrary to the Master Deed and the law.  But, the acclamation called for made matters worse.

So now we have concern expressed in the current 1st quarter report by a Board committee on this slope and gutter issue.  The solution being constructed is ugly and flawed.  It is also being built on our property.  There should have been another approach instead of this mess.

The following is written in the Board committee report.  Of course, we do not agree with it and ask everyone to take a look and take more photos of the ugly mess.

"You might have noticed that the frontage (setback) of Twin Oaks Condominium slopes down to our frontage.  We instructed our Property Management Office to call the attention of GDC (Greenfield Development Corporation).  After a considerable time GDC "constructed" a shallow and narrow canal at our boundary line.  The canal is useless.  It will not stop the flow of water to our area.  Hence we decided to take action.  We have suggested a design for plant boxes to be built in the area by our own mason and engineering staff.  The boxes will not only prevent the water from Twin Oaks flowing to out side but will improve the aesthetics of the area."

We did notice and wrote about it in January.  Greenfield is on the Soho Central Board so why were they not addressed on the Board?  The Wall of Soho Central does not address the problem and is not the full extent of where water can flow.  When will something be done right?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Start Comparing Dues Rates

Start Comparing Dues Rates

Start questioning all those you know about how much they pay per square meter for dues at their condominium.  Then start comparing those other buildings to ours.  I was just told Flair (DMCI) with two towers pays 35-40 pesos per square meter.

Money Flowing Before Our Eyes

Money Flowing Before Our Eyes

So much money is flowing before our eyes that we tire even thinking about it all.  Once again the guards at the garage entrance were the focus of some in questioning who the guards are and who pays.  Why is this a concern?

Many parking spaces are owned by the commercial areas not by Unit Owners in the residential areas.  The commercial areas pay 26.5 pesos per square meter and the residential areas pay 65 pesos per square meter.  The guards are not from the commercial areas owner, Greenfield, but from Soho Central at the garage entrance.

Does a fair deal exist?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mailbox Keys and the Circular

Mailbox Keys and the Circular

The Circular seen below is posted in the building.  The words when I was reading focused upon involved "with prior clearance" due to the two attempts in the past to get personal property documents from Unit Owners and also the two times subtle and I view as snide remarks were made against us in writings questioning our being Unit Owners.  So I was on the defense when going to get the keys.

When in the 4th floor administration office, both of our files were removed from the cabinets for inspection prior to getting the "Mail Box Clearance" forms.  I was then challenged as to my being an owner for one of our units.  Yes, I then defended my ownership and continued from there since we are tired of the treatment received since arriving here.  They then relented and I was declared a Unit Owner.  So forms 0001 and 0002 were filled out and I took them to the concierge desk where I signed the forms and then had to sign another log book.  Oh, I also had to insist that Ryan's name was placed on the forms.

From what I hear I was not the only one with problems concerning the expensive and poorly planned boxes.

Driver's Lounge

UPDATE (04/29/14):  This is another photo and I wanted it confirmed this was not a driver. I saw the person and they are not a driver as others that have been seen in the lounge who are not drivers. I have erased the face since the blame for managing the building lies with the administration paid 5 million plus pesos and a Board with members who have assumed the seats due to various problems in their seating since there have not been regular elections and one election conducted illegally with one vote per unit when the Master Deed and law says by area since this is a mixed use building.

UPDATE (04/24/14):  Do we pay for management or mismanagement as some insist?  Who is doing what to manage?  How much is it that we pay for management of the building?  The number appears to be 5.01 million in the 2012 Audited Financial Statements.  Who approved this?  What do members, Unit Owners, of the Soho Central Condominium Corporation get for this?  I have just been told of another NON-driver in the Driver's Lounge.  We need eyes and ears telling us what is going on throughout the building.  We also need to look into all documents.  If there is refusal, as has taken place, then the government needs to issue an order to obey the law.

Driver's Lounge

Remember the expense?  So much money being spent.  Why?  Here is a reminder of the expense then current revelations follow.

How many drivers use the lounge?  Who is using the lounge?  I have photos of the log book and will not publish all the photos since the very few drivers that use it and those they drive for are not to blame for the planning and use of the lounge for so very few.  But I will publish some photos below.

Drivers are not the only people using the very small lounge at a cost of ₱130,154.30.  Do those managing the building know?  Do they care how our money was spent?  Did the planning for this lounge involve a study of who would use it?

It seems the more I speak to those that have been paying attention and looking at the lounge the more that is revealed.  Drivers are not the only ones using it.  Not only are others in the building using it but those from the outside take breaks there, too.  It has been reported to me that at night the window is also blocked.

We need more eyes on a regular basis looking to the Driver's Lounge which cost so much and used so little by those intended.

When I had reported on the expenditure sheet above in the past, I had not included photos since the true size needed personal viewing when compared to listed cost.  Here are some photos taken recently.

I have now included one of the log book pictures since pages are torn from it.  Why?  I have other photos of the log book and how one set taken showed messy writing to be replaced by neat writing after, as I was told, the first photos were taken.

more to come...

Minutes and Resolutions

Minutes and Resolutions

Will Unit Owners, members of the Soho Central Condominium Corporation, ever get all the Minutes and Resolutions from all Board of Directors meetings?  Will Unit Owners ever get all the Minutes and Resolutions from the committees the Board is allowed to form?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meralco struggle continues

Meralco struggle continues

Does everyone recall the Meralco struggle where Ryan and I discovered the difference not returned from the initial deposits after seeking the bills to be placed in our name at the Meralco office.  The difference was the amount given when buying the unit and what Meralco eventually took from the developers.  Once that disgusting episode concluded with our getting checks and, I believe, all other Unit Owners getting credits to their accounts with many never told the full story as to what the money was; or after we exposed the telling of the initial excuse not being told correctly and the difference revealed though still not fully explained, the full deposit episode began.

It took over one year for the deposit to be returned which was ours though under Greenfield's name.  We had to give Meralco another deposit to get the name changed and then waited for one year to get the initial deposit back from Greenfield via Meridien.  That struggle involved serious talks and many arguments in several offices.  It was insane.  Eventually, I was told another system took shape.

I have now heard that more Unit Owners are having the bills placed in their names.  But, what about the deposits from original buyers who sold their units and never got the Meralco bill in their name?  What happened to their deposit money under Greenfield's name?  Was this a factor in the selling price and contract?  Will the new owner ever get that money if they change the bill to their name?  Yes, several questions about this and how long to get answers if anyone asks?  I know a century.

Resident's Lounge or Administrative Lounge?

Resident's Lounge or Administrative Lounge?

There is something wrong when a Resident's Lounge becomes the meeting place for administration and Unit Owners no longer have access.  There is something wrong when Unit Owners or their tenants and guests are asked to leave the Resident's Lounge due to technically not having made a reservation for it but are occupying the lounge for its intended purpose.  There is something wrong when staff of the building dictate terms of removal from the lounge to Unit Owners.  There is something wrong when rules and regulations are made on a whim at private & secret Board meetings.  There is something wrong when Board meetings and official business of the Board is not fully conducted at Open Meetings.  There is something wrong in this building and with the condominium corporation.

The name and purpose is Resident's Lounge.  If those who were not elected but assume the seats on the Board do not like the name, change it and then be prepared for the protests of Unit Owners.

External Auditor

External Auditor

I may have written about this before but I am still asked questions about it.  Why was the new auditor not voted on by the Unit Owners, members of the Soho Central Condominium Corporation?  Do not stakeholders vote for new auditors as a common practice?  Or, is this just a dream for greater control of their property by Unit Owners?

What is the generally accepted historical practice for approval and what is the law?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Gym: Flooring and Bug Killing Machines

Gym:  Flooring and Bug Killing Machines

previous post on flooring

I would have thought that one of the only good things I saw at Knightsbridge would be an example for us here in our gym.  The floor there is completely covered with black rubber matting though I think it is not as thick as that currently installed.  Of course, where all the mats are when comparing installed with receipts is another matter seen at the previous post.

The new floor installed without notice and approval of Unit Owners would seem to be prone to scratches, dents and other marks.  I also see it as another item as others not matching the current environment of the building.  While viewing this expense decided upon at private & secret Board meetings Unit Owners are forbidden to witness, I saw once again the Bug Killing Machines.

The Bug Killing Machines are increasing in number.  Are the mosquitoes or other pests also increasing in number?  As written about previously, if one were to open the windows at this 4th floor level and stick one's head outside and look down you will notice troughs.  These were not meant to collect water for breeding bugs or other thirsty creatures.

Due to their not being cleaned and collecting water, they may be breeding and attracting the mosquitoes that end up in the gym.  Time to read and think.  Get some cleaning equipment and do what should have been done long ago.  I know that the Board does not like to discuss such things given the insulting replies to our 17 letters but sometimes such as issues are a serious concern just like the sewage.  Makes one wonder where the focus and priorities are in maintaining the building.

Building Signage

Building Signage

This has been discussed before but given so much that is not done and so much done wrong and for reasons unknown the signs return as an issue.

The first photo is the sign on the side of the building with lights that are not working.  The lights and this signage and the one above the door have been a problem previously.  Why the problem with the lights is not known.  Signage was discussed since we have been here due to taxis and those trying to find the building having difficulty noting the name on the building.  The size, placement and lighting were probable reasons.

Then two large signs were placed way above the level of view for vehicles and even those walking on this side of Shaw Boulevard.  Who paid for those?  Those two signs have the name of our building and the name of another corporation with their logo.  Who paid for the corporate name and its logo?  Who pays for the electricity?

Also recall another detail that Unit Owners in the residential areas of the building pay dues of 65 pesos per square meter and that the commercial areas owned by Greenfield pay 26.5 pesos per square meter.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cold on the press

Cold on the press

The newest report from the assumed Board committee is not hot but only cold.  There will more comments on this in an upcoming post but to entice everyone to get their copy from the Soho Central (aka Stonewall Central) Condominium Corporation administration office here are a couple of very funny quotes.

"With our avowed objective of achieving a lean and mean, functionally sound and efficient condominium operations by the end of this year we have, for this 1st quarter, "stabilized" condominium operations..."

The only word I predict will come to pass is "mean."

"We have located a suggestion box in our lobby.  No one has so far made any suggestions."

Well given the treatment those have been given at Annual Meetings, verbal and written requests for many items such as documents denied, lack of transparency, secret & private Board meetings, etc., what is the point of a suggestion in a box.  Best to use the bins in the stairwells labeled WET.

More to come for another of the reports with so much and yet so little.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Gym flooring: Questions, any Answers?

Gym flooring: Questions, any Answers?

Recall when, as I thought, the gym would have a new floor?  A new partial rubber floor was then the result with a major part of the floor left with an inappropriate carpet that can never really be kept cleaned.  The cost was reflected for the partial new flooring in an annual packet and comments were made.  Of course, no comments can be made at Board meetings since there is no transparency in Stonewall Central with private and secret meetings held for decisions for this and that and money spent without our being able to witness.  Unit Owners, you are legal members of the Soho Central Condominium Corporation, are you happier now than you were at turnover for those of us who purchased prior to that event? For those that purchased after turnover, are you, too, happier as each year goes by?

Here are some photos on the cost of the rubber mat flooring reflected in the Board prepared packet for an Annual Meeting, photos of documents of the rubber flooring taken by a Unit Owner when they could get them, and now a circular on "replacing its existing floor finish into vinyl planks."

The photos taken before the memo on the new floor have numbers.  A Unit Owner counted the pieces and the number on the receipts did not seem to match what was on the floor.

2011-2012 Major Capital Expenditures from the 2nd Annual General Membership Meeting packet

Please see the "Note" above.  Do you share my disgust with such a statement?  No there was not a special assessment in addition to dues, but where did the money come from?  Did the pesos drop from sky or grow on trees?  Time for Unit Owners to stop being treated as ignorant children.  How many are sick of this?

Gym documents that were obtained before any refusal.

(Click here for a .pdf of the gym documents.)

Circular on "replacing its existing floor finish into vinyl planks."

Lobby Window Shades

Lobby Window Shades

What is a tasteless Uglification Campaign without window shades that are broken?  Yes, how much money has been approved and spent at secret & private Board meetings for overpriced and unknown services as well as other items such as poorly planned mailboxes only to leave what has existed broken such as two window shades from what I have been told.  No, those shades on the side are not down for an effect, I was told they are broken and cannot be raised.  Oh, everyone get the new quarterly report for more sad news and jokes.  More money being spent.

Our security may also not be well served with shades down.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Uglification Campaign continues

Uglification Campaign continues

The mailboxes have been written about before and now the result with all the other issues around it due to lack of transparency and open Board meetings whereby Unit Owner, members, would be able to point to problems giving alternative suggestions along with assistance.  I would ask why openness is a problem at Stonewall Central?

Does anyone know of mailboxes in other buildings in the lobby for all to see?  We could have had mailboxes all placed behind the concierge desk area in the small rooms if they were smaller.  Now we have boxes to clutter increasing the tasteless changes made to the lobby.  For those that need physical therapy stairs have also been provided for boxes at higher elevation.  Have the insurance companies been told about this, too?

Auditor requests Tax Identification Number of the Top 20 members of Soho Central Condominium Corporation

Auditor requests Tax Identification Number of the Top 20 members of Soho Central Condominium Corporation

The following was forwarded to me with a request we have never seen.  A couple of times in the past requests were made by the Board and Century Properties Management to get copies of titles and even a list of who lives in the units.  We told all those we could not to comply unless they were given a court order or have a government agency issue an official statement.
I find this on the web regarding the cited regulation:
If anyone has any additional information that may be verified, please contact us.

Dear ...,
In compliance to the Annual Income Tax filing of Soho Central Condominium Corporation for the year ended 2013 and the new Revenue Regulation 2-2014 issued by the BIR,
we are hereby requesting for the Tax Identification Number of the Top 20 members of Soho Central Condominium Corporation.
                        Unit Name                                           :  ...
                        Unit No.                                               :  ...
                        Total Lot Area                                     :  ...
                        Percentage Share                               :  ...
(as per Total SQM ...)            
We hope to receive this information immediately since our deadline for filing is April 15, 2014.
We apologize for the inconvenience of informing you late.
Kindly bear with us for this is an urgent matter required to us by our Auditor.
Thank you for the usual support.
Respectfully yours,
Soho Central Condominium Corporation

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Increase in Tasteless Lobby Changes

Increase in Tasteless Lobby Changes

Normally there is a beautification campaign but here at Stonewall Central there is an Uglification Campaign to further ruin the character of the lobby environment.

Time Clock / Bundy Clock



I have written and spoken extensively on this topic and from what I hear the problem still exists in many other condominium corporations.  There was a recent question from a Unit Owner in our building regarding their title with them pointing to the words below condominium certificate of title which says owners duplicate.  Since this was never brought up before and to avoid confusion they went to the Registry of Deeds and were told that the original stays with the government.

So the title they have is the unit owners title.  It also does not have embossed seals since those were replaced by bar and digital codes.

I once again ask that each Unit Owner take up an issue or concern they have researching it and asking questions coming to a conclusion if possible and also if not possible.  Please tell us the result so we may post it.  We cannot depend upon a Board with assumed seats and what extends from this.



Exercise caution !!!

Ryan was just the victim of a pickpocket.  He was carrying laundry to Cityland as many in the building do to one of the three laundries there.  Someone then attacked him but he wrestled his wallet back.  He is fine and it appears all the contents are there.  The wallet is torn but as I told him who gives a F&*% about the shape of the wallet.

Do not have hands full unless walking with another person.  Tell everyone you know.

What did those around him do?  NOTHING!!!  Let repeat that for everyone to know.  What did those around him do?  NOTHING!!!
Let everyone know that NO ONE DID ANYTHING TO ASSIST!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Should the name be changed

Should the name be changed

QUESTION:   Is Stonewall Central a better name for the property?

Given all that is and is not taking place with all the tension involved, this is just a message for a little humor if it can be appreciated.  As the question asks, should the name be changed to Stonewall Central to better reflect the environment in which we live.

Merriam-Webster definition:


: to refuse or fail to answer questions, to do what has been requested, etc., especially in order to delay or prevent something ( chiefly US )

intransitive verb

1  chiefly British :  to engage in obstructive parliamentary debate or delaying tactics

2 :  to be uncooperative, obstructive, or evasive

transitive verb

:  to refuse to comply or cooperate with

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

HELP - Are Structural Changes Damaging the Building? - HELP

HELP - Are Structural Changes Damaging the Building? - HELP

This building has had at least two places with major structural changes with walls punched out for large windows.  Was this approved in the original engineering plans for such a change to be made?  What effect has this had on the building?  Were computer or scale models done by engineering firms to test for possible problems?

Now there is a proposal to bore a holes in basement 1 through the foundation wall for cars and the ground floor into the new building next door.  What damage will this do to the building as a whole?  Where are all the engineering opinions from the government?

Here is a quote from the Master Deed.
Section 3

"b) Nothing shall be done or placed in any Unit or in the common and limited common areas which would jeopardize the safety or impair the structural strength of the building.  Nor shall any alteration, change or modification of the architectural character of the building be made without the written consent of the Condominium Corporation and of the Unit owners directly affected by said work, if any;"

Has someone or entities violated the Master Deed?  Should lawyers be called?

In the previous post, mention was made that HLURB did not have a 2nd amendment to the Master Deed that supposedly approved this without buyers and now Unit Owners who are members of the Soho Central Condominium Corporation (SCCC) being made aware of the possible structural changes.  Why is this even being considered in a private & secret meeting without Unit Owners being able to witness?

Everyone look at the cracks in the walls in the stairwells!  Everyone look at the cracks in the walls at the connection area in the hallways between Shaw and Mayflower towers near the elevators!  Do the cracks at the place where the towers connect show a problem with towers moving independently? 

How many more cracks with more wall removed?

Where is the current Occupancy Permit?

Were and are the By-Laws being followed for a special meeting of the Board?  Why is the venue and time not known?  The required 5 days notice is clearly stated.  Do any of the SCCC documents mean anything?  Or, are they just pieces of paper ignored except when convenient?

Do these insurance companies covering the building know about the changes made and the possible changes?  Also, will the premiums change?  Have all permits/certificates been shown to the insurance companies?  Has any Unit Owner called to check?

Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation
Ground & 2nd Floors, Skyland Plaza
Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue cor. Tindalo St.
Makati City
President - Melecio Mallillin
892-53-02; 844-70-44
Federal Phoenix Assurance Co., Inc.
9th Floor, Pacific Star Building
Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue cor. Makati Avenue
Makati City
President - Ramon Yap Dimacali
811-51-11 to 27; 859-12-00
PNB General Insurance Company, Inc.
2nd Floor PNB Financial Center
Diosdado Macapagal Avenue
Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City
President & CEO - Reynaldo P. Manalac
526-36-40; 832-03-12
UCPB General Insurance Company, Inc.
24th & 25th Floors, LKG Tower
6801 Ayala Avenue
Makati City
President - Isabelo P. Africa

Soho Central: A Plaything for the developers?

Soho Central:  A Plaything for the developers?

Our building has been declining and has been going through changes that seem endless.  The situation gets worse by the month. When will the condominium corporation be under the control of the Unit Owners? Armando Ang, author of Guide to Homeownership, was right in that developer controlled buildings go down in value and Unit Owner controlled buildings go up in value.

READ Ang's book!  Here is a quote among the 516 pages from page 15-16:

"One of the well-kept secret of the developers is not to show the documents that could turn off prospective buyers until it is too late for them to complain.  These documents include the contract to sell, the deed of sale, the master deeds and the deed of restrictions.  Many of the provisions are one-sided and served to perpetuate the power of the developer over the buyers for years to come."


Remember this post?

Mayflower Tower 4th Floor Balcony

Please read the previous piece on this situation:

While we had all seen the metal scaffolding hanging from the building on the Mayflower Tower side, were we aware of the damage to the property of the Unit Owners?  The top most part of that wall acts as the railings do on all other balconies.  Imagine if they arbitrarily decided to place clamps and metal scaffolding on your balcony railings.  We will get up close photos of the concrete railing walls for posting.

There are many issues that need to be addressed at the 2013 Annual Meeting.  Start writing extensive, clear and to the point questions and statements for the Board of Directors and Members (Unit Owners) of the Soho Central Condominium Corporation on August 30th.  Thank you.

(Click here for a .pdf of the above letter.)


The Unit Owners on the 4th floor of the Mayflower Tower as elsewhere in the building need to read all documents such as the Master Deed.  Here is a quote from the Master Deed.

Section 3

"b) Nothing shall be done or placed in any Unit or in the common and limited common areas which would jeopardize the safety or impair the structural strength of the building.  Nor shall any alteration, change or modification of the architectural character of the building be made without the written consent of the Condominium Corporation and of the Unit owners directly affected by said work, if any;"

It seems someone or entities violated the Master Deed.  Should lawyers be called?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

EMERGENCY: Board Meeting tomorrow in Soho Central?

3rd UPDATE (4/02/14) : I was sent the following text on the issue and meeting tomorrow:  "...we need to meet before Friday because of the 'demand'  of GDC to make available the entry of their people to break down our walls for interconnection purposes.  ...the agenda...also contains the 'elevator.'"  The rest of text discusses the amendments to the Master Deed and getting copies.  But as we have discovered, there was no 2nd amendment with the HLURB or given by the management.  So even if there was some document floating about in the past detailing an interconnection and joint venture, it is not with the HLURB.  Further questions, if it was filed, such as when it was filed and when the project started marketing units would also come into play since, as I was told, at a certain time given the status of the project amendments then need approvals.
 At the right on this blog page are the email addresses we were able to get of those with assumed seats on the Board.  Please write polite though stern and demanding letters that change is needed as well as following the laws and that severe structural changes cannot be allowed to take place without approval of the Unit Owners, full inspection of government engineers as well as a full review of government records and filings.  All these should be made available to Unit Owners.  The secrecy and lack of control for Unit Owners must end.  Your MONEY invested is at stake.
2nd UPDATE (04/02/14):  HLURB does not have a 2nd amendment to the Master Deed as I was told is being claimed.  So what I was given by the admin office in the past is what is currently available at HLURB.  Oh, seems another person was inquiring yesterday at HLURB; I wonder why they had to go there?
UPDATE (04/02/14):  I was given a copy of the Master Deed as scanned.  If there was anything left out, I want to know why. This question will be asked until I get an answer.
   The copy I was given had only one and not two amendments.  WHY?  Why all the games with documents?  I was also just sent another text about this situation and there is yet another document not openly given to Unit Owners.  I also note in the text that not just wall, singular, are being broken down but that walls are being broken down.  Unit Owners, members of Soho Central Condominium Corporation, it is time to let your voices be heard and demand Full and Complete answers.  The time of their avoiding answering and doing what is required under law is over.

EMERGENCY:  Board Meeting tomorrow in Soho Central?

Who will be attending?

I was just told that a Board of Directors meeting is being held tomorrow and on the agenda is discussion of what we had heard rumors of in the past for a hole to be made in the foundation connecting Soho Central's basement garage to the building next door.  Has anyone else heard about this meeting and its agenda?

The meetings normally take place in the Resident's Lounge secretly and privately.  I was told it will take place tomorrow afternoon at 1PM.  I would not be surprised if the corridor is blocked so Unit Owners wishing to speak with those who have assumed their seats may have to wait in the elevator area either before or after the meeting to discuss the meeting's topics and other issues.

A claim was made that it is allowed in the Master Deed.  Where?  A remark was made that this is a joint venture.  NO!  The joint venture ended with the turnover of the building in 2009.

Please read the Master Deed which is linked to on the right side of this page.  We also need others to confirm this rumor.  Ask questions now.

Previous post -

Thank you.

Ryan's complaint answered by increased tone

Ryan's complaint answered by increased tone

Ryan's complaints since last year on the elevators have not been fully answered with the last inadequate reply followed by this new reply with a tone no Unit Owner, member, of the Soho Central Condominium Corporation should receive when asking for complete answers and documents.

The matters have not been solved with the lack of explanations and documents requested as required under Section 74 of the Corporation Code.  Due to the series of complaints requesting documents with no  documents forthcoming, Section 74 is not being adhered to as required.  This situation is intolerable.  It is also noted that only the residential elevators are mentioned in this letter continuing to refuse when the commercial elevators were also a concern written about with information requested.

You may see the last complaint filed at this post followed by past posts with all complaints made with limited results due to refusals: