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The Fantasy Vision

Does everyone remember this among the wonderful ads and brochures and how about the salespeople and what they told us. I hear such fantasies continue. So after watching and remembering, cry and then laugh at the truth that is being exposed.

And, if the above is not enough and you need elevated blood pressure, here is the project's brochure.

Many posts are still issues and need to be read once again. At this main hub of postings watch for new posts and updates. Please get involved by spreading the word as to the issues here. We must document all that is taking place. Many documents need retrieval and assistance is needed in getting them scanned and posted.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Symposium needed on contract law: Or, surprise your condo may suck!

Symposium needed on contract law:  Or, surprise your condo may suck!

These two sections and in particular the first read in a previous post need a proper forum to discuss how such language developed.  Experts in contract law in the Philippines along with lawyers from the US and Spain due to historical links as well as historians for pre-colonial times are needed to get a grasp on the legal practice as it developed and is expressed below.

Please read each very carefully gaining full impact before finally connecting for the sentence and paragraph as written.

Section 1 (d) has two emphatic statements as I read:

First, "The Unit herein purchased shall be delivered to the BUYER furnished strictly and expressly in accordance with the specifications indicated in the attached Annex “A” which shall be made an integral part hereof...";

and Second, "without prejudice to the right of the DEVELOPER/SELLER to alter, modify, revise or amend the specifications of the Unit and furnishings prior to the final delivery thereof a provided under Section 1(g) below."

So there seems be a some sort of logical rationale that I am missing.  Why have the first part of the sentence given the second?  I can only think given reason and sense that it is meant to create an initial impression upon the subconscious thereby causing cognitive dissonance.  This dissonance must then be made rational to alleviate confusion.  The second part of the sentence would then be interpreted as something unusual or rare not possessing a need to be concerned or to question or even cancel any purchase.

The Third sentence may and perhaps would have problems with the advertising laws.  Please see this past post for rules governing advertisement:

Section 1 (d) – The Unit herein purchased shall be delivered to the BUYER furnished strictly and expressly in accordance with the specifications indicated in the attached Annex “A” which shall be made an integral part hereof, without prejudice to the right of the DEVELOPER/SELLER to alter, modify, revise or amend the specifications of the Unit and furnishings prior to the final delivery thereof a provided under Section 1(g) below.  The model unit as may be shown to the buyer does not represent the actual unit to be delivered to him, notwithstanding any representation on the contrary made by the sales agents.
Section 1 (f) - The DEVELOPER/SELLER reserves the right to alter, modify, revise, or amend the plans of the Project or the Unit, its fittings, furnishings or any part thereof, without the need of prior notice to the BUYER. This DEVELOPER/SELLER’s rights to alter, modify, or change the plans and use of the Project shall include decreases and/or increases in the number of floors or saleable units in the Project. It is also agreed that the architectural and floor plans of the Unit may be altered, modified, or revised by the DEVELOPER/SELLER without the BUYER’s written consent.

Essentially what is being sold or has the potential of being delivered after a signature to a contract is made by the buyer is a surprise package.  How many of you want to be surprised after spending several million pesos?  Does it make anyone feel excited to be surprised with the anticipation of being or getting properly and thoroughly done by the unknown and in a manner one may not be accustomed?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Controlling the language

Controlling the language

This may be a small issue but it is a part of the foundation many developers/builders manipulate and mislead.

Board - Corporation - Association

These three words are used by not only Unit Owners but developers/builders and management interchangeably or in place of the proper word(s).  Please question everything you think you know and what is said or written by others.  Search and find true meaning.

I had just heard the term "association dues" used by someone talking about another condominium.  What they were referring to were dues to be paid to the condominium corporation not an association.  Every condominium must have a condominium corporation formed.  That corporation would have a Board of Directors.  The Board would then as is usual have a management set up or hire a management agency.

An association would be the homeowner's association formed and registered with the HLURB.

In Eastwood, I have even seen a building which is seldom referred to by its legal name by Unit Owners.  Its legal name has the word association as a part of it.  But that is just a name not its legal status which is a condominium corporation.

A condominium corporation has as its members the Unit Owners.  Unit Owners who are legal members of the condominium corporation are supposed to have rights such as voting for a Board of Directors.  Well, need I write about this joke and the struggle to accomplish this right?

Picar defending itself against invasion of the Century?

Picar defending itself against invasion of the Century?

"...use of force, coercion and intimidation by hundreds of Century Properties security and construction workers..."


Tension mounts between Makati condo builders

Guards fire shots, workers scuffle over control of ‘common road’

By Jaymee T. Gamil
Philippine Daily Inquirer


WORKSITE STANDOFF Shotguns rather than shovels reportedly went to work Friday as tensions flared between security guards and laborers of Century City and Picar Development, builders of two neighboring condominiums on Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City. NIÑO JESUS ORBETA

Tensions rose Friday between the workers and security guards of two companies currently building condominium projects next to each other on Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City.
Guns were reportedly drawn and shots fired in a dispute over who should control the “common road” between the Century City project of Century City Development Corp. and the rising Picar Place of Picar Development Inc. Both properties are in Barangay Poblacion.
In a report to the Makati police, Century City engineers and security guards claimed that security guards from Picar pointed their shotguns at them and pulled the trigger on two separate occasions on Friday.
Engineer Jeff Mark Hidalgo reported that around 4:15 p.m., “the Picar guards started to cause trouble because they wanted to stop Century City’s installation of lamp posts on the common road area.”
A jostling match broke out between the workers of the two companies, some of them ending up bruised, and a Picar security guard later pointed his shotgun at the opposing group, threatening to shoot, the report added.
According to Hidalgo, the Picar guard was “concealed” by his colleagues when a safety officer from Century tried to get his name.  It was at this point that the Picar guards started putting put up a barricade on the road, he recalled.
2nd incident
Tensions again escalated around 8:15 p.m., when Picar guards reportedly from Underwatch security agency put a boom barrier on the road “to prevent the workers of Century properties from entering the premises,” according to another report to the police, this time from Century guard Reynaldo Cabrera of Escabon security agency.

Cabrera said the Picar guards “fired their shotguns several times,” then left the area when Cabrera’s team called the police.
In a phone interview, Picar spokesperson and lawyer Cherry Julian said she heard gunshots herself when she was on the site Friday night, but denied that it was the Picar guards who fired.
“We don’t know who fired,” she said. “But as far as I know, it’s not our guards. We are avoiding violence and bloodshed.”
She said she was aware of the tense situation that started earlier that day, when Picar personnel were “surprised” by the new construction on the common road, referring to the lamp posts.
“We are the coowners of that road. According to the law, all alterations must have the concurrence of both parties.  We were only defending our property rights. We tried to resist because we have rights and we have to protect our interests,” the lawyer said.
Julian recalled that Century earlier installed traffic lights and signs on the road on Dec. 9. “We were outnumbered. We had only seven guards. They had 60 to 100 armed guards just to put up the installations. We don’t know why,” the lawyer said.
Open to negotiations
“We are open to negotiations, but we don’t know why they implement actions without our approval,” she said, adding that the company was studying the legal actions it could take since “we are the aggrieved party here.”
On Saturday, Makati City Hall spokesperson Joey Salgado disclosed that a representative from Century had reported the incident to Mayor Jejomar Binay Jr. through a text message, complaining that Picar blocked the road “even if Century is the 72-percent owner.”
The representative, whom Salgado did not name, reiterated that Picar guards fired at Century guards.
But the representative also assured the city government Century officials were trying to settle the matter “amicably” with Picar, he added.


HLURB’s intervention sought in Makati condo builders’ row

By Maricar B. Brizuela
Philippine Daily Inquirer

One of the two condominium developers whose security guards and workers figured in a tense standoff Friday over the control of a road has revealed plans to take the dispute before the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB).
In an e-mail to the Inquirer, Century Properties Group Inc. spokesperson Terrie Fucanan-Yu said the company has prepared a letter to HLURB Commissioner Antonio Bernardo to “request (the board’s) intervention as a third-party government agency to give due recourse to a situation that it is facing with Picar Development Inc.”
Century and Picar are currently building condos next to each other on Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City. Their workers figured in a scuffle, and Century claimed that Picar guards fired their shotguns on two occasions Friday to stop Century’s installation of lampposts on a “common road” separating the two projects.
Century officials reported the incidents to the Makati police, but Picar’s spokesperson Cherry Julian disputed the accounts concerning the gunshots. Julian, however, explained that as “co-owners” of the road “we tried to resist because we had to protect our interests.”
“As Century does not want the situation to escalate into possible violence with our people on-site, we are seeking help from the HLURB. We hope they will assist in resolving the matter,” Yu said in Sunday’s statement.
Yu said the disagreement with Picar was mainly about the completion of roadworks which, she said, “form part of the deliverables of the Century City project in Makati.”
“One of the works we implemented which met resistance from Picar security was the installation of a traffic light system on Kalayaan Avenue that Century is donating to Makati City,” she said, adding that the system was put up on a public pedestrian lane, not a Century or a Picar property.

Yu also cited other works being done on a road from General Luna Street to Kalayaan Avenue, which include the setup of streetlights, landscaping, asphalt-laying and marking of pedestrian lanes.
She alleged that Picar had refused to allow these additional works and tried to stop Century workers using its security force. “On Friday, Picar installed boom barriers on a portion of the road near Kalayaan Avenue. On Friday evening and the next day, it positioned in the same area a total of three buses near Kalayaan Avenue. On Sunday, it added two vehicles and a bus, blocking access from Kalayaan Avenue.”
The Century spokesperson also said Picar agreed in October to let Century do those improvements but had since been delaying their implementation.
Reached for comment, Julian countered that “you cannot call that an agreement since our communication was only through letters expressing intent to improve that road but there was no final decision yet.”
The supposed agreement cited by Century was not legally binding since both camps had not even discussed the details of the plan, she said. “We were just on the documentation phase so we were shocked when they already had contracts which did not involve Picar as a signatory.”
“We stopped negotiations because we asked them to amend the contracts and include Picar as a signatory. But instead of fixing the documents, they decided to implement the improvement works on the common road,” she said.
As to Friday’s tensions, “I am repeating that those allegations are false,” Julian said. “The gunshots did not come from our end.”

Read more:


COCKTALES | Feuding Ambassadors Aguiluz, Antonio turn Kalayaan Avenue into Makati's 38th Parallel

It looks like Ambassadors Amable Aguiluz V and Jose E.B. Antonio could both use a refresher course on conflict resolution, especially in this season of merry.
In the run-up to Christmas, armed security guards in the employ of the two gentlemen have turned a common road dividing their respective condominium projects along Kalayaan Road into Makati's version of Korea's 38th Parallel.
Two confrontations had already resulted in scuffles and some warning gunfire between their construction crews and security guards, the latest flashpoint since the two partners in the privatization of the former International School compound have gone their separate and, as it turned out, bitter ways.
After the breakup, Amable's Picar Development had gotten the western portion of the property, where Buddha Bar is, while Antonio's Century Properties obtained the larger chunk, 3.4 hectares out of the 4.8-hectare pie, closer to Makati Avenue's nightlife district.
Amable was supposed to build, at 70 floors, the country's tallest residential tower but somehow Antonio had managed to increase his original 65-story Gramercy Residences to 73 stories, thus snatching the big-swinging-dick title from his ex-partner.
A furious Amable then lodged a complaint with City Hall and launched a negative media campaign about the "illegal" additional floors of his neighbor, to no avail.
Tomorrow, Century Properties is scheduled to hold a private party at the country's highest bar-restaurant, 71 Gram (so called because it is on the 71st floor of the Gramercy condo), and that was why the construction crew had to rush work and light up the common service road during the weekend.
But apparently Aguiluz had other plans, or felt that Antonio was pulling a fast one on him again.
After the near-gunfight, four buses and two trucks, apparently from the Aguiluz camp, were driven up and left on the common road by the Kalayaan Avenue entrance, to block passage into the complex, in addition to the boom barriers also installed by the Aguiluz boys.
The road blockages, increased by half a dozen assorted vehicles, were still in place at the time of this writing.
The common road-turned-into-truck storage also leads to the neighboring A-Venue complex and then onto Makati Avenue and vice versa. Fortunately, there is also another road by the Makati Avenue-side that is controlled by Antonio that leads into his Century Properties complex.
According to the grapevine, Aguiluz and Antonio were both coincidentally and conveniently out of the country for the holidays while their boys were roughing it out on the ground on behalf of their principals.
A question sent to the Aguiluz and Antonio camps, what proposal/solution is on the table that would resolve the impasse, was unanswered as of column deadline.



By: Victor C. Agustin
December 30, 2013 6:23 AM

Aguiluz says road talks ongoing but...

The camp of Ambassador to the Middle East Amable Aguiluz V said settlement talks are underway between his lawyers and those of his fellow ambassador and ex-partner, Jose E.B. Antonio, over the continuing standoff on a common road dividing their condo projects along Makati's Kalayaan Avenue.
"Global settlement discussion initiated by (Aguiluz's) Picar Development Inc. months ago is now again underway with Century Properties through their lawyers," Aguiluz lawyer Cherry Julian said in a statement sent over the weekend.
She admitted though that the last discussion was held on December 24, nearly a week ago.
"Picar wants a global settlement of its disputes with Century Properties Inc., where the rights of each co-owner of the road they share will be respected and the pending cases will be dismissed or withdrawn by both sides," the statement said.
"The resumption of negotiations followed the unilateral actions taken by Century Properties which violate their existing agreement on how to use and develop their common road," the statement said.
"These are, among other things: 1) Signing with the city for installation and donation of traffic lights without the knowledge of Picar; 2) Construction of islands that virtually isolated Picar; 3) Contracting out landscaping without Picar's agreement."
The statement then blamed Century Properties for triggering the scuffles and the warning gunshots while Picar construction crew and security personnel blocked and parked trucks and buses to prevent the other side from pursuing development works on the common road. 
"Worse was the use of force, coercion and intimidation by hundreds of Century Properties security and construction workers last December 20 to forcibly install lamp posts and street lights," the statement said. "This resulted in physical harm upon Picar personnel who tried to prevent them."
Previous to that, "on December 9, Century, using police and barangay officials, also forcibly installed traffic lights on the common road," the Picar statement said.

Saturday, December 28, 2013



Now, I would not encourage everyone to put everything down and read this Act, but please schedule some time.  Then think about our lovely overstaffed security we pay for.  Now where are the security cameras and that expense?

And for those that want to view another security agency's handbook, let me know.  I have looked through this one given to me and see a few items that our guards would be in violation.

Please read past messages about the security and CCTV we have here.  So much money spent at private and secret Board meetings.  Our money.  Where does it all go?

65 ↓ 41 ↓ 26.5

65 ↓ 41 ↓ 26.5

No this is not a temperature drop.  If anything, it has been one of several issues to cause temperatures to rise as will our rates if this is not fixed by the Board.  The only effect will be a contributing factor to values dropping due to a fair deal being violated.

65 pesos per square meter is what the residential areas pay as I had written about in the past.  The commercial floors were paying this then their rate was dropped to 41 pesos per square meter by the Board and then another drop to 26.5 pesos per square meter again by the Board.  Who does and picks up on the 38.5 pesos difference?  The residential areas.  Who are the residential areas?  Unit Owners.

Fair?  Does such a word or concept exist in Soho Central Condominium Corporation or its mismanaging?

At a recent gathering with Directors from the Board who were not elected as none have been, several Unit Owners asked them questions.  One question was "can we do anything" about this rate difference?  The reply from a Director was NOTHING.  Yes, a Director on a Board that lowered the rate states nothing can be done.

So let me understand this for the umpteenth time, Unit Owners are official members of the Soho Central Condominium Corporation which has a Board with no elected Directors and only one is there legally as I read the court decision Valle Verde vs Africa.  Unit Owners have been denied the right to be represented and only this year was there a second attempt at a Special Meeting for a quorum.  Why?  I write and talk as others telling people what is going on here.

I have news there is another way for an election.  The big question is why have those on the Board not taken that step?  Do they know what to do?  Are they waiting for me to write about it, create pressure and then they will act.  Of course, they may act and not give proper credit.  I will then perhaps be subjected to another Open Letter attacking me for 17 still unanswered letters.

Those letters will be answered.

The Board serves who?



Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) - Never Trust, Always Verify

I have removed some content and the names and unit numbers to protect the innocent.  This is not the first time I have heard or read about such problems with various developers/builders.

Hire a lawyer before buying any property.  Buy Guide to Homeownership by Armando Ang.  Demand all paperwork you will be expected to have and have someone sign and acknowledge that you have all such information.  Demand copies of the Master Deed and By-Laws.  Keep all advertising you see and given to you by anyone from the developer/builder AND sales reps.


Hi Sir,
... We bought 3 units from Century.
1. Gramercy - turnover last Feb 2013
2. Azure (...) - turnover (...) 2013
3. Azure (...) - turnover (...) 2013
We had a lot of problems before and after the turn over.
You can read my complaint at the Petition Website:

The lay out of Azure (...) was not delivered. The overall circulation of our unit has been ruined because of a big column in the middle of our dinning area, we were forced to pay huge Miscellaneous fees that are questionable, processing of our overpayment is taking too long. CPG staff said they will give the refund once the transfer of title is release which will take around 10 months to 1 year.

*** REPLY***

Dear (Buyers),
We regret that we cannot favorably accommodate your request on the renovation of your unit caused by the columns nor to transfer your to other unit.  We understand your concern, however the resolution and decision of the management is final.
With this, we would like to address your concerns which you have discussed with us and refer you to the pertinent section of your signed Contract To Sell (CTS), as follows:
Section 1 (d) – The Unit herein purchased shall be delivered to the BUYER furnished strictly and expressly in accordance with the specifications indicated in the attached Annex “A” which shall be made an integral part hereof, without prejudice to the right of the DEVELOPER/SELLER to alter, modify, revise or amend the specifications of the Unit and furnishings prior to the final delivery thereof a provided under Section 1(g) below.  The model unit as may be shown to the buyer does not represent the actual unit to be delivered to him, notwithstanding any representation on the contrary made by the sales agents.
Section 1 (f) - The DEVELOPER/SELLER reserves the right to alter, modify, revise, or amend the plans of the Project or the Unit, its fittings, furnishings or any part thereof, without the need of prior notice to the BUYER. This DEVELOPER/SELLER’s rights to alter, modify, or change the plans and use of the Project shall include decreases and/or increases in the number of floors or saleable units in the Project. It is also agreed that the architectural and floor plans of the Unit may be altered, modified, or revised by the DEVELOPER/SELLER without the BUYER’s written consent.
Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience this situation has brought you.  We understand your dilemma and we sympathize to your cause.   However, as a corporate entity we are constrained to conform to the provisions of the Contract to Sell.  Nevertheless, we liberally offered you a discount as an amicable resolution.     
We hope we have made our position clear on this matter.   Please let us know if you are amenable to the offer that we may proceed with the approval accordingly.

Thank you very much.
(Developer/Builder rep)
Re: Gramercy
We questioned the internet/cable/telephone and the staff said it is mandatory to pay it. As an owner, we were surprised that we don't have the right not to use PLDT? We are in (...) and no one is using the unit but I am paying the internet/tel/cable. Same with my (...) unit... No one is staying there but I paid the tel/internet.
re: (...)
When Century asked us to pay the turnover balance we immediately applied for a loan from PSbank.  But while processing the loan CPG asked us to pay the monthly amortization although the bank said the loan was approved.. We still paid 3 months amortization. So when the bank released our loan we had an overpayment of P(...)k. We asked for our overpayment but they said they will refund it upon the release of title which could take around 10 months - 1 year, not 6 months as what they are saying this is based from my Gramercy unit. Until now we don't have the title yet.
On (date), (Century rep) wrote:

Hi (Buyer),
As I have mentioned to you ma'am processing of refund will be on the time of the title transfer.
Again thank you for your help.

(Century rep)
Hi (petition site),
I forgot to tell you that we also had a problem regarding the turnover balance of the Azure (...) unit.
Based on the contract and the payment schedule we signed, our monthly amortization will be paid until Nov 2013 and the turnover balance is due on Dec 2013.
However, we received a letter of notice from Century last May, 2013 demanding us to settle the monthly amortization and turn over balance around (...) million on or before June 31, 2013.
Century said the unit was finished ahead of the schedule so the owner has to pay on or before June 31, 2013 otherwise we will pay a penalty of 3% of the total outstanding. 
We asked them about this matter and they quoted something from the CTS which we didn't see when we sign it as it is too small and so many it is.
In the CTS, Section 2 (d):
and Section 11(a):

My friends who also bought in Azure are having the same problem. 
I can say that the contract from Century is one sided.  We, the owners are not aware of what we signed.
I hope with your initiative you can help many owners who are facing dilemma with Century.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Please Report All You May Hear

Please Report All You May Hear

I was told the following three pieces of information about the current attempt to finally finish installing the elevators.  Yes, install.  The elevators have never been fully functioning or working properly so they were never finished with installation in this disaster.

I was first told by a long-term renter that they heard someone from a company involved with the completion of the elevators say to another that the wiring was not done correctly.

The second conversation I was told about involved a unit owner and another person informed by workers from one of the companies involved in the attempt at completion that the elevators' "installation was done in a rush and did not take into account other functions of parts and area movement of freeway flow up and down."

A third serious remark was at a small gathering where a question was asked of Directors if riding the electors was at our own risk or words to this effect.  The answer from a Director was YES.

So does everyone feel safe?  Do all Unit Owners feel good about their investment and home?


Please read this post then speak with those you know with an interest about the current Board with only one member who was held over from the beginning who was never elected by the members (Unit Owners).

Illegal Appointed Board members?
The following are the earliest Minutes we have and only one member on the current declared Board is listed.
There has been no legal election where members would have elected Directors.  There was only one attempted election which was illegal.  The election was announced and conducted giving one vote per unit which is contrary to the Master Deed and law of the Philippine since this building is mixed use as was explained to me by a broker who was living in the building at the time.  Why did the Board allow such a violation?  Why were the Master Deed and Bylaws not given to all Unit Owners upon turnover?
There was also an acclamation announced to approve three Directors which is not allowed for in the Bylaws, Master Deed or law to my knowledge.  What is going on here?
If anyone has additional information or insight from lawyers, please let us know.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Insurance Riders needed?

Insurance Riders needed?

I had written and spoken about this due to what took place at Bel-Air Soho.  When the former management left due to a court order, information and materials were taken and possibly damaged.  All Unit Owners in all condominiums need to write and demand that insurance riders be made to currents policies covering such serious losses.  Contact the insurance carriers to check if it is covered.  Condominiums should by law have two insurance carriers.

Get your letters acknowledged and keep copies for future reference.  Bel-Air Soho from what I have been told is still dealing with this mess.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Delinquent Accounts allowed interest waivers

Delinquent Accounts allowed interest waivers

"Our records show?"  No kidding.  Really?  Seems they have showed for a long time and the mismanagement of the building was incapable and is still incapable of getting the accounts up to date and dealing with all these matters.  This as well as the money paid for unspecified units should have been dealt with on a daily and weekly basis.  Unfortunately, the totality of the mismanagement of the building has neglected to properly deal with the situation allowing months and years to go by with Soho Central Condominium Corporation suffering.  The Corporation is made up of the members (Unit Owners) who have been left in the dark only with partial answers at best and disgusting replies and actions at worst.

Tenants are not where the responsibility of dues ends.  Unit Owners are the responsible parties not those who rent.  Once again, "some reason" should have been investigated long ago and immediately.  Proper legal actions should have been made but the mismanagement of the building has allowed the current serious problem to fester along with the elevator disaster.

There is so much awful writing in the memo serious effort needs to be made to enhance quality.  The first two sentences of paragraph two have contradictory information.  Did anyone notice before posting?  I guess not.  After all, why should they.

Besides dues and assessments there should be fees for the function room, ad charges, business rentals, fines and other monies such as refunds for odd & curious overpayments.  Yes, seems quite a sum is missing in action on the financial statement.

What is an erroneous payment in regard to the accounts or is this just a duplication of thought or incorrect term?

It would seem the value of the units have declined.  We just heard of another unit sold for 1,000,000 pesos less than the purchase price and it was not a rush to sell offer.

I know many are confused with various terms such as board, association, management, committees, etc.  Need I say where you will get in trying to get an answer.  It took us a ridiculous amount of time to get information and much is still being withheld.

Of the 7-member Board of Directors three seats were held by appointed Unit Owners who were not elected by the members of the corporation (Unit Owners).  One of these Directors on the Board "vacated" as stated in a recent memo.  All three at some private and secret Board meeting were appointed to the Residential Area Committee (RAC).  So according to what reports have us believe only two people not elected are on the committee making decisions for Unit Owners without our witnessing the proceedings.  Feel happy about your investment and home now?

Azure Punchlist in previous post

"Azure Punchlist" in previous post

Yes, you may click and see the photos in the previous message, too.  The column in the kitchen says it all about the design.  From there which way does it all go?  Oh, Merry Christmas and Justice for the New Year.

"Provision of light in the dining area.. it’s too dark when cooking because of the column in the dining area"

"MAJOR PROBLEM IN THE UNIT BIG COLUMN. NEED TO RESOLVE THIS ASAP. Provision of light in the dining area.. it’s too dark when cooking because of the column"

"Outlet / antenna too high, near ceiling????"
"Kitchen sink with stain and rusty"

"Toilet door in living room not properly installed"

"Broken door viewer"
"Hollow - ref area and in front of kitchen sink stains"
"Master bedroom shower head not working properly"

"Water not going to drain because of level problem, stains, repaint"

"Balcony wall stains, repaint"