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AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ANALYSIS 2009-2012 (click): A CPA analysis of SOHO Central Condominium Corporation's Audited Financial Statements

The Fantasy Vision

Does everyone remember this among the wonderful ads and brochures and how about the salespeople and what they told us. I hear such fantasies continue. So after watching and remembering, cry and then laugh at the truth that is being exposed.

And, if the above is not enough and you need elevated blood pressure, here is the project's brochure.

Many posts are still issues and need to be read once again. At this main hub of postings watch for new posts and updates. Please get involved by spreading the word as to the issues here. We must document all that is taking place. Many documents need retrieval and assistance is needed in getting them scanned and posted.

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Condo Games

The Condo Games

Yes, a name inspired by a recent film.  What is the game here?  I have developed a theory based upon the actions taken as a whole prior to and the subsequent buying of a condo with the final and long-lasting experience of developer control.

Condo units in the Philippines for most projects and perhaps all are de facto trusts and not true ownership.  The projects once turned over become condominium corporations with developer controlled Boards slowly grooming selected Unit Owners for appointment prior to elections.

The Games continue during this long period of several years with the corporations treated as cash cows for milking.  When the milking ends a building may be in such disrepair and deficient in its construction that years and much money are needed for refurbishing if possible.

The endpoint is for the building to be completely renovated or sold.  The closer one comes to this event sees values dropping with Unit Owners losing and not gaining on their investments.  This financial evaluation was done in a previous post.

So who wins in the end?  Developers once again lay claim to the prize of property to be redeveloped and sold for the process to begin anew.

Welcome to a new world.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dangerous Liquids

UPDATE (05.07.13):  I was just told this afternoon that the Property Manager was not made aware of the situation.  Of course, not all events are going to be told to the Property Manager.  BUT, such an event is reportable.  I sought the head of security and then when returning to the building was told he was then with the Property Manager.  I assume a full report is now being made.  Assume?  Will those that allowed the instrument to be brought into the building be questioned?  What action will take place?  So many secrets and secret meetings and secret decisions with OUR MONEY.
UPDATE (05.02.13):  I was told yesterday that the excuse now is that the instrument was being held in the lobby at the concierge desk.  Oh, given the recent RAC report the front desk as they refer to it is now what may be called the back-off desk.  Anyway, no full explanation or proof has been given for where it was being held or stored.  The video cameras in the lobby may give evidence but have not been shown.  No matter, the instrument should not have been in any part of the residential area of the building much less commercial.  I will still report the incident.

Dangerous Liquids

Last night (04.27.13) around midnight on my own personal watch still seeking those vast criminals the Board and their Residential Areas Committee have determined are out there somewhere requiring the Big Gun, I saw something very interesting.  No, not criminals but let me write an instrument leaving the building.  I do not want to focus on the resident(s) be they Unit Owners or tenants at this point so I use the word instrument as a general term.

This instrument for its purpose contains a very flammable liquid.  It came from the lobby doors out to the front and down the stairs.

My question is who from Century Properties Management Inc or the security force which is under their immediate command structure of the corporation let the instrument into the building's residential areas?

I have been told by another Unit Owner to report it to the insurance companies.  I will.  What other serious substances were permitted into the building?

from the Rules & Regulations of the Soho Central Condominium:

2.2  Please do not bring into your unit or into the building(s) any of the following: a) flammable, hazardous, combustible or explosive fluids, materials, chemicals or substances; b) other dangerous objects or articles which SCCC may reasonably prohibit or which may increase the rate of insurance of the building(s).

Doing so will make you liable for all damages which such violation may cause to the building(s), other units, to your fellow unit owners, occupants and/or tenants, and to any increase in the insurance that may result from such acts.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Letter e.

UPDATE (04/29/13):  I have just been reported to that at least some, if not many, of those buyers from Gramercy were not fully aware of Letter e.  This is a serious problem.  All those buying any real estate in the Philippines must read ALL documents fully and carefully.  If there are any questions, have legal assistance here or in your home country to understand or sort out any legal questions.  Oh, it also seems there was once again no joy for my posting what is fact.  Always recall the famous quote from Meridien/Century Properties representative, "Don't insult me with the facts."

Letter e.

I know you may ask what is letter e?  Letter e. seems to be a way out for construction which is deficient.  Is this knowingly or unknowingly?  The first sentence is quite specific while the second sentence backtracks a bit but once again addresses possible defective construction.  What is going on?  What does Century Properties know?

When I first heard about this, I made a comparison to another product.  Imagine you go to a car dealer and the Contract to Sell has such a clause.  The car's breaks then fail and you are paralyzed from the neck down.  You sue and in court their lawyer points to your signature on the contract and then has you read Letter e. in between breaths from your air supply from the wheelchair.

Will these theoretical lawyers then claim to the court that you have no right to sue?  They can then attempt to assist you in fixing the car that you are no longer able to drive due to being paralyzed.  Insane, right?

So how many people read Letter e?  How many buyers crossed it out stating that such nonsense or crap would not be in any contract they sign?

"e.  The BUYER, his heirs, successors and assigns, hereby holds the SELLER, its successors and assignes free and harmless from any claim or action of whatever nature and kind which may arise out of, may be due to, or may be caused by any construction deficiency.  However, the SELLER shall provide assistance to the BUYER in case the latter shall proceed against the suppliers, engineers, architects, independent contractors, sub-contractors and designers for their defective workmanship, design and materials, if any."


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bel-Air Soho Interior Condition

Bel-Air Soho Interior Condition

I post these photos below as a warning to those in our building, Soho Central.  Think, they had Century Properties Management Inc (CPMI) with a familiar Board structure and this is the condition their building fell into after eight years.  What will or has become of our building since turnover in 2009?

I know there have been complaints here as to cleanliness even from some appointed.  But, the problem of clean walls and other issues such as trim rotting has been taking place.  Some repairs have been made, but take a walk up the stairs to the 40th floor roof seeing what happened to a painting that took place after exterior water problems were supposedly fixed.

Much more may be said about our building's condition but the pictures below give the best warning for our possible future.  Or, is future past?

I was told they pay 98 pesos per square meter with a 500 peso per unit additional charge versus our 65 pesos.  For that monthly dues they receive such conditions after eight years.  Time for us to think and think hard, act and act now.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bel-Air Soho Management Change

Bel-Air Soho Management Change

This post will be added to....please see previous message on "CPMI Ordered Out!"

I have now been told that upon takeover of the management after a second Court Order was presented, files and records have been deleted.  Who has done this is not known at this time.  If anyone has any information as to who may have destroyed this property, please report it to all three of these agencies:  the police, the Justice Department and HLURB.  Make a physical report to each of these agencies if you have any information on who may be responsible for the destruction of this property.

In the US, such property destruction may be civil and/or criminal infractions of the law.  Property of Bel-Air would be considered private versus records of a government agency which would be public carrying, perhaps, different penalties.  Given that turnover of the office took place under two Court Orders, I do not know if this is possible destruction of public or private property.

I will speak with a friend who has a Masters in computer security asking what steps need to be taken to secure the system.  I encourage all Unit Owners to ask their management offices and Board of Directors what steps they are taking to protect files and records.  Also, ask if the insurance policies cover purposeful destruction and other damage to records.

Why would anyone want to delete files or records?

I was sent the following comments by those who was also alerted to this situation:

First person:  "XXX is erasing my mail.  The court order sent to me the other day has vanished.  It has happened before.  Their friends in XXX do this for them.  Be aware."

comment:  I have spoken in the past with a friend about security.  Everyone must have among the best anti-virus and anti-all abusive activity software sold.  Update it every time you go online.  Scan regularly!  Passwords as I heard a computer expert state on the radio online must be at least 12 characters with numbers, symbols such as * and letters in upper and lower case.  Current algorithms cannot break the password.  Never store passwords on your computer.  Never stay logged in and uncheck this at sites that have it automatically checked.  Change passwords regularly.  Never use the same password for each website.  Do not create passwords with personal information.

Second person: 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Corruption, here too

Corruption, here too

I had a friend in New York who grew up in very difficult circumstances in Brooklyn almost starving, witnessing rape as a child in his neighborhood and you can imagine the rest.  He was an insomniac and would walk the streets of Manhattan.  Among his many interesting observations he noticed all the drug dealing corners.  He was so opposed to drugs due to his early childhood he would suffer headaches without a simple aspirin.

In his many walks, he decided to map the drug dealing corners after many observations.  Once he had a section of Manhattan mapped he presented the information to the police.  Yes, corruption exists in all nations.  Nothing was done – ever.

Now to Makati, Metro Manila last week, an activist for Unit Owners who is a caretaker was attacked after taking the jeepney from the Fort to Guadalupe near EDSA.  She took the pathway near Jollibee where she was approached by two women – one about 17 and the other older.  They tried to take her bags demanding her to release them which she would not do.  They cut one arm three times and the other four along with other smaller cuts.

She pushed the one younger girl to the ground and a woman stranger stepped on the girl’s face.  Unfortunately, the girl was able to get up and run away.  The other woman was hit by a male stranger and she ran away, too.

Bleeding she went to the local police station.  Yes, here begins the corruption in Metro Manila.  The police did not invite her in for comfort but asked why she was walking where she was since there are criminals there.  She was shocked by their indifference and stated that that is the path in the area.  She asked the police what commission they get from such robberies.

I have heard many other such stories about the police here and doing a web search found international human rights organizations reporting on police torture in the Philippines even here in Manila.

So this is another reason for anyone coming to the Philippines to think more than twice and watch their surroundings always trying to travel with others taking the safest transportation possible.  Oh, taxis are not always the safest since robberies, as I have been told, are set up in cooperation with some drivers.

It’s More Fun in the Philippines.

Return of the Big Gun

Return of the Big Gun

Why is the Big Gun back?  Have Unit Owners done something to upset the controllers?  What did we do wrong?  If anyone knows what we did wrong to have the Big Gun return, please let us know what the controllers fear.

I was out front until 2AM for a couple of hours after checking earlier and was not able to find any criminals waiting to attack Soho Central.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Win at Soho Central?

A Win at Soho Central?

I have just been informed that CCTV will replace security personnel in a reduction of the force.  This idea has been around and written about by Unit Owners such as myself.  Finally action is taken.

Unit Owners looking to gain full control of the building with elected Unit Owners, please continue the struggle.  This is just one of many issues that the developer controlled Board with its musical chair unelected Directors did nothing about until pressure by reporting and teaching others has taken place.

We need more Unit Owner activists doing what you can as well as supporters watching and telling others about the sad and sorry condition Soho Central due to mismanagement and directing.

UPDATE (04/17/13): The CCTV work has begun but there was a rude mistake made. No one announced the work so the drilling and hammering in the electrical room next to the unit was intolerable given the total lack of warning. This was another serious flaw in the system of managing the building. ( I was just delivered a personal apology from the property manager. I accept it but not from other staff in that office.)

Additionally, it sounded at one point as if the hammering or scrapping of some kind was taking place above the bedroom ceiling. I was also told there was a "work order" by security which was not true. There is a work permit that you may read below. I still have to find out what exactly is going on.

Unit Owners, we have not been told about the bidding and other details since all of our money is decided upon in private & secret meetings of the UNelected Board of Directors. In fact, where is this contract and all others we had requested? Why the secrecy?

Click here for a .pdf of the permit.



From Bel-Air Soho:

"Dear Unit Owners,

Makati RTC Branch 66 affirmed the Temporary Restraining Order issued on March 12, 2013 by "GRANTING" the Writ of Preliminary Injunction enjoining Jose E. B. Antonio, et al, as well as Century Properties Management, Inc., their agents, representatives, assignees, and any of their appointed individual acting for and in behalf of Soho Condominium Corporation, and from representing themselves as Board of Trustees and further acting as such. Copy of the order is attached herewith.

The Court also ruled that the following individuals are the legitimate Board of Trustees in accordance with the Corporation's By-Laws and shall act as such:

a. Dr. Aurora Fajardo
b. Mr. Laurentius Peters
c. Mr. Luis Bernardo Estrellado
d. Mrs. Emma Nadura
e. Mr. Joshua Gatmaitan
f. Mr. Crispin Santiago
g. Ms. Iris Anthoniette N. Sunga

After nearly eight (8) years of non-transparent and abusive management of the self-appointed Board, for the first time, we now have an elected Board of Trustees, who are composed of legitimate Unit Owners, and whose main objective is to increase the value of our investment in the Condominium and protect our Corporation transparently and democratically.

For 8 months, our elected Trustees and the other unit owners at their side, were harassed and prevented from exercising their duties due to the bested interest of these Defendants. The Defendants and the admin themselves proved this intention to be true, down to the last straw, when the Honorable Judge instructed in open court just weeks ago that the admin make a motion on what important payments should be made for Bel Air Soho so the judge can order the withdrawal from the bank on hold due to their TRO...these people did not even bother to cooperate - and seems they really did not want anyone know WHERE OUR FUNDS REALLY GO and don't care since it will not be of advantage to them anymore.

For 8 years, we were deprived of our rights and we were not protected. Now, we can move forward. Let us heal the wounds of the past. Let us work altogether to achieve our main objective.

For the meantime, however, please refrain from paying in CASH to CPMI employees at the Admin Office till the legitimate Administrator holds office on April 21, 2013.
Thank you for all your support and prayers. Glory be to God"

(Click here for a .pdf of the Order.)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where did the cream of our money go?

Where did the cream of our money go?

I know that there would be a variety of opinions as to the article and the ostentatious wealth with conspicuous consumption.  But what of the truth behind the illusion of extravagant indulgence?

After reading and viewing, I invite all those that wish to visit Soho Central, South of Market and Bel-Air Soho to start a tour of where the funds originally came from and where more generates via Boards Unit Owners have no control.  (Click here for a .pdf of the article without the photos below in case the article is no longer posted.)

And dreams of Samarkand?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Breaking News: Security Guard Replacement?

Breaking News:  Security Guard Replacement?

Well, as breaking as it can get here considering the Soho Central Condominium Corporation (SCCC) Board is developer controlled with meetings held in secret and are confidential spending our money freely without consent from elections following the laws such as the Philippine Corporation Code.  So news comes from second hand sources which are then related to me.

I have just received a phone call this morning telling of a Board meeting where a decision was made to replace all guards who have been here for more than three years with new ones from elsewhere within that contracted company.  Is this good or bad?

We have not been shown the contracts and our letter for all contracts and policies to be copied to us has been ignored since late last year.  Contract renewal for the security service is coming up soon from what I was told.

Instead of replacement, the SCCC could have a drastic reduction in staff and our cost for security if properly placed CCTV was finally made for the building.  But why make such wise economic choices much less security choices when having our money flow freely?  Does anyone know?  I have been told things about this by Filipinos that is quite disturbing as to the business customs here.

So while this may seem a general good idea and might just be for some specific problems still lingering, it does not solve the general security problem and its cost.  A dog and pony show once again.

Just a reminder, all Unit Owners are members of the SCCC.  We have not elected any Directors of the Board.  The Board is developer controlled.  I have posted parts of the Philippines Corporation Code and it seems that there have been violations in regard to elections.  There have also been violations based upon the SCCC's own By-Laws which were written by the developer.

Please take action and complain to the government departments I have posted cc:'ing the media.  Take the time and energy to write and call.  Your money and the value of the building are at stake.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The following was sent to me, and I am posting it here for informational purposes.


The facts are known to you. They are public facts that no person involved in Philippines real estate can deny or claim being unaware of.
As a professional, you not only have an ethical obligation to tell your clients the truth, but a legal requirement to do so. Your failure to disclose the truth about any developer, can result in criminal charges against you ( ESTAFA) AND the loss of your professional license.
Legal requirements to sell subdivision lots or condominium units;


Section 11. Registration of dealers, brokers and salesmen. No real estate dealer, broker or salesman shall engage in the business of selling subdivision lots or condominium units unless he has registered himself with the Authority (HLURB) in accordance with the provisions of this section.

If the Authority shall find that the applicant is of good repute and has complied with the applicable rules of the Authority, including the payment of the prescribed fee, he shall register such applicant as a dealer, broker or salesman upon filing a bond, or other security in lieu thereof, in such sum as may be fixed by the Authority conditioned upon his faithful compliance with the provisions of this Decree: Provided, that the registration of a salesman shall cease upon the termination of his employment with a dealer or broker.

Every registration under this section shall expire on the thirty-first day of December of each year. Renewal of registration for the succeeding year shall be granted upon written application therefor made not less than thirty nor more than sixty days before the first day of the ensuing year and upon payment of the prescribed fee, without the necessity of filing further statements or information, unless specifically required by the Authority. All applications filed beyond said period shall be treated as original applications.

The names and addresses of all persons registered as dealers, brokers, or salesmen shall be recorded in a Register of Brokers, Dealers and Salesmen kept in the Authority which shall be open to public inspection.

Section 12. Revocation of registration as dealers, brokers or salesmen. Registration under the preceding section may be refused or any registration granted thereunder, revoked by the Authority if, after reasonable notice and hearing, it shall determine that such applicant or registrant:

1. Has violated any provision of this Decree or any rule or regulation made hereunder; or

2. Has made a material false statement in his application for registration; or

3. Has been guilty of a fraudulent act in connection with any sale of a subdivision lot or condominium unit; or

4. Has demonstrated his unworthiness to transact the business of dealer, broker, or salesman, as the case may be.

In case of charges against a salesman, notice thereof shall also be given the broker or dealer employing such salesman.

Pending hearing of the case, the Authority shall have the power to order the suspension of the dealer's, broker's, of salesman's registration; provided, that such order shall state the cause for the suspension.

The suspension or revocation of the registration of a dealer or broker shall carry with it all the suspension or revocation of the registrations of all his salesmen.

RA 9646, Real Estate Services Act;

SEC. 19. Revocation or Suspension of the Certificate of Registration/Professional License and Professional Identification Card. - The Board may, after giving proper notice and hearing to the party concerned, revoke the certificate of registration/professional license and professional

identification card of a real estate service practitioner or suspend him/her from the practice of the profession *for any unprofessional or unethical conduct, malpractice, or violation of any of the provisions of this Act, its implementing rules and regulations, and the code of ethics for real estate service practitioners.

*  Unethical conduct is described as “ any willful omission or misrepresentation of fact”.


SECTION 3 - Relation to the Client/Customer

(a) The practitioner, in accepting an appointment or authority to act for and in behalf of a client or customer, should pledge himself with utmost fidelity and good faith to protect and promote the interest of his client

Revised Penal Code Article 315: Criminal ESTAFA ( swindling)

“ ESTAFA  is committed by a person who defrauds another causing him to suffer damage, by means of unfaithfulness or abuse of confidence, or by false pretense or fraudulent acts. For the existence of the crime of ESTAFA, two elements are indispensable: fraud and damage. In other words, the essential elements of ESTAFA are: (1) The deceit employed to defraud another; and (2) the injury or damage caused thereby”.



WARNING on Theft


(original web post 09/14/12):  Yes, I have much to catch up with and photos to load from the past to show and remind Unit Owners of what we have been tolerating and complaining about with no solutions from the management imposed upon us by the developer controlled Board.

I will also be posting texts and other comments as I have in the past sent to me. The following is a problem with the resident caring for their family member’s unit.

This individual has had several items stolen from their unit. Yes, small items they may be but how clever it is to steal small items as a slap annoyance to them. The locks have been changed several times. The locksmith the last time said to not change them anymore since they can always get in. Question is who are they?

The resident spoke to a broker for ShangriLa about this ongoing theft and intrusion and the broker smiled. The broker said this is COMMON in the Philippines and is “normal” and “nothing new.”

I would suggest everyone get a camera system if you notice anything missing or changes in your units. There are many companies out there with at least two past residents in the building working for such concerns commenting to me on the issues here. In fact, if we had a complete camera system in the building we would not need all the security we have and are paying way too much for. But, why is this not done to save money? Who makes money on the wasteful mismanagement with Unit Owner money?

Oh, the individual who has had this ongoing problem must carry and secure their valuables elsewhere due to this theft.

I have written about this theft and security problems before. While locks may mean little, I would still suggest dead bolts be installed as many units still lack these. Also, IF YOU DID NOT REPLACE YOUR LOCKS SINCE TURNOVER, SOMEONE HAS A COPY OF YOUR KEY!

I was told last year that thefts had not been reported properly. As I had also written of in the past, our unit was broken into prior to our arrival. The toilet was used as discovered by our representative checking in on the units. I had contacted all those involved with the building including the insurance company. But, I stopped short of calling the police since our representative feared for their own safety. Danger is here!!!


A source:
DIMEX Technologies Center
28th Floor Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower U2807
2210 Chino Roces Ave (Pasong Tamo)
Makati City, Philippines 1200
0927 410 0066 / 0923 947 8655 (mobile)
Jp <at>

The Eternal Elevator Problem

The Eternal Elevator Problem

(original web post 09/21/12):  I have just received the following text message I have adjusted to eliminate the possibility of revealing those involved with a medical issue. I would suggest formal complaints in writing cc:’d to the government agencies I have listed at this forum and to the two insurance companies that cover the building need to be made. I would also make the auditors aware of the potential liability to the finances of Soho Central Condominium Corporation.
“George, got several complaint(s) re the CENTURY PENDING ELEVATOR left undone and also at the back door. (Someone) had an emergency and had waited for more than 10mins to get a ride going to basement parking to bring … to hospital. What a shame being ask(ed) ‘…where is the maintenance funds for all SOHO elevators left undone to this day?’ …is (sick) and I had to bring (them) to nearest hospital but 1 elevator to wait is disgusting and irritating.”
First, I had asked long ago about a rule or law I was told of from someone living in another building nearby. They told me elevators in the Philippines cannot have waits of longer than 10 minutes. Is this true? If so, who do we file a complaint with?

I had posted messages in the past about my calls and discussions with Otis officials and the incompetent management of this building. At this point, I am not sure what the truths and lies are from all sides. Truth is very difficult to discover here. I do know that the elevator problem is among the major and serious issues in the building to resolve.

What has the developer controlled Board done? Not enough. By this time in the US a Board controlled by the Unit Owners would have filed suit after their lawyer would have contacted and made all attempts to discover the facts about the elevator problem finding no possibility of solution. There is no reason this cannot be done here in the Philippines.

All parties involved in the construction, selling and installation of the building and elevators need to have legal papers served upon them. Two elevators have been out of service for months. There have been problems with the other elevators, too.

Oh, just a minor side note on the elevator catastrophe in the making, I was told there was carpet flooring in the cars prior to our arrival. When they installed the vinyl flooring the prior flooring was not removed properly leaving the current mess bumpy and falling apart. Who were the geniuses that did not put in ceramic tiles or some other better flooring? Yes, this is meant as an insult to those parties involved with this detail.

The Board is negligent in their capacity at this point in not fully addressing this issue by all means.

The GYM and our MONEY

UPDATE (04/10/13) :  Of course, some repairs have taken place since last year but the bugs are still there.  I was just there this afternoon and after standing there for a few minutes I had three mosquito stings.  I had written a new message recently about a treadmill  being broken and not replaced.

The GYM and our MONEY

(original web post 09/27/12):  I guess I should put upper case OUR. After all, it is OUR money decided upon in secret meetings we have never been shown Minutes for up to this final day before the Annual Meeting. Yes, I have been informed of another secret. Secret bank accounts!

So remember remarks such as we cannot buy more lounge chairs for the pool due to no money, we cannot fix the gym due to no money, we cannot get a full security CCTV system due to no money though it would save in the long term, etc. Now we learn of secret bank accounts for the first time from the co-opted.

So as we walk to the meeting having recalled and read all the posts here and elsewhere enjoy these photos.


The incomplete work where the saying "It is called Century Properties because it take a century to get anything done" is true.

And for those not wishing to live in the swamps with mosquitoes, the gym can be a challenge. Their breeding ground may be right outside the windows.

A few more months and well formed stalagmites will be an attraction when visiting the gym.

Of course, no gym is without the nice sofas from the Function Room so those dripping may make use of the cushions. Yes, no care or concern for OUR property and OUR money except in secret meetings of course.

PS Equipment was fixed after months and my taking photos. Oh, it was claimed by management that my taking photos was not the reason. So why was it mentioned when giving orders for staff to say the equipment was going to be fixed because I was seen taking photos. Unit Owners, we need more action.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

40th Floor Roof - Shaw Tower

UPDATE (04/10/13):  I know some came with us to three floors of the building for inspection.  I will be posting those soon.  So much has been happening since we did that tour a few months ago that I needed to attend to other Soho Central and personal matters first.

We were unable to get the the Mayflower Tower those few months ago due to the door being locked.  But, after I post those three floors we did inspect;  we will finish the 40th Floor inside and then the other roof and on to other floors.  Yes, many observations to be made.
40th Floor Roof - Shaw Tower

(original web post 09/27/12):  Better late than never. While I have posted a great deal there is much more. Each time I speak with someone such as the conversation I had yesterday, my list of work increases. Perhaps it was good that this second set of photos was delayed.

I had written about the 40th floor roof and other balconies & terraces and the reason for locked doors and questions as to why Century never put in the lights. The 40th floor roof door is locked from the hallway though a guard will unlock upon request. I was told that two tenants were fighting and the woman partner threatened to jump so the door was locked.

Anyway, there was much work on both tower roof tops due to water damage from leaks and other things such as cracks. After the work was complete, I took some photos. I am not sure what they used for repair but the cracks returned and items were missed.

I guess someone forgot their broom -

Do we need to chip in for some sandpaper and paint? I would also hope they use a rust resistant paint. The repair filler they used for the cracks was not that which expands and would be better. They went cheap and now place OUR money in other banks. Hmmm. Why other banks? Who knows whom?

This was from a satellite dish no one from CPMI ever said was not allowed. Of course, the reason they were let to damage the building is unknown. Perhaps a secret Board meeting had a discussion. Oh, that's right, we cannot see Minutes of those secret meetings.

These are light fixtures never installed.

I know so much other work and these plates may never get replaced.

Our trip to the roof that day saw another common occurrence. Plugs of emergency lights not plugged.