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The Fantasy Vision

Does everyone remember this among the wonderful ads and brochures and how about the salespeople and what they told us. I hear such fantasies continue. So after watching and remembering, cry and then laugh at the truth that is being exposed.

And, if the above is not enough and you need elevated blood pressure, here is the project's brochure.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Elevators: There is more than the mechanics

Elevators:  There is more than the mechanics

For many entrances to the elevators they have been demolished in the unending effort to fix the elevators.  The restoration of the elevator entrances is just awful.  If they could be built as they were for turnover in 2009, they can be restored to the same level which is not taking place.  Look at the entrances on various floors that have not been demolished and then look at the ones that have been restored.

These badly restored entrances cause the value of the building to decline.  They must be fixed.

Passenger Elevator entrance (PE1) not demolished.

Service Elevator entrance that was restored.

Passenger Elevator entrance (PE2) currently being demolished.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Many discover much more from the condo industry

Old photo of the street view


Homesick Filipinos abroad use Google Street View to check PH homes

link to:

748-750 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines | Instant Street View

Banging, Banging, Banging

Banging, Banging, Banging

I have written about the banging and everyone has the right to complain since we should never have had to put up with this nonsense.  There is the small banging on this or that floor and then the periodic heavy banging.  Does everyone love this as so much else that has and continues to be wrong with the building year after year?

What other systems or things were accepted by the condominium corporation since 2009?  What else has not been accepted such as the elevators?

How was the total and real condition of the building in 2009?

How was the total and real condition of the building in 2010?

How was the total and real condition of the building in 2011?

How was the total and real condition of the building in 2012?

How was the total and real condition of the building in 2013?

How was the total and real condition of the building in 2014?

How is the total and real condition of the building in 2015?

Anyone having a Happy New Year or any New Year?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Elevators: Another DEFECTIVE sign

Elevators:  Another DEFECTIVE sign

Seen last night.

A PROXY for the Annual Meeting on Friday, August 26, 2016 & REPRESENTATION

A PROXY for the Annual Meeting on Friday, August 26, 2016 & REPRESENTATION

(at ____ PM on the 4th Floor in the Function Room of Soho Central)

The attached is a basic Proxy form with what is required in the By-Laws but nothing that gives power to those other than the proxy or contradicts the By-Laws.  There is also a basic Representation form as required for those units with more than one owner.  You may make adjustments as needed and please make any suggestions as for changes.

When filling this out make sure to keep a copy that has been stamped & acknowledged received or request a confirmation if emailing.

SCCC By-Laws' Official Announcement - 2016 Annual Meeting

SCCC By-Laws' Official Announcement - 2016 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will take place on Friday, August 26 for the 2016 Annual Meeting as called for in the Soho Central Condominium Corporation's By-Laws.

By-Laws of Soho Central Condominium Corporation - Meetings of Members
"Section 5. Annual Meeting. -The annual meeting of the members of the corporation for the election of directors/trustees and such other matters pertaining to the corporation shall be held at the principal office of the corporation at Mandaluyong City, Philippines or at such other place that the Board may determine, on the Last Friday of August of each year. Should a scheduled meeting be a legal holiday, the annual meeting shall be held on the next succeeding business day at the same place and time."

"Section 8. Proxy. – Any member or representative as defined in Section 4 hereof, may be represented by a proxy in all the meetings of the members of the corporation. The proxy must be in writing, designating the representative by name, signed by the member or the representative and duly presented to the Secretary for inspection and recording before the opening of the meeting.

Proxies shall be valid only either for the next annual or special meeting after the execution of the proxy or any adjournment thereof. The presence of the member at the meeting shall revoke the proxy heretofore executed by him and such member shall be entitled to vote at such meeting in the same manner and with the same effect as if he had not executed a proxy."


READ this section carefully
So besides the proxy to submit in writing as instructed above for those not attending, where there is joint ownership have a written statement signed by all the particular Unit Owners submitted to the corporation’s Secretary via the Soho Central Condominium Corporation Administration office in the building if prior to the meeting for representation as stated below.

"Section 4Representation. – In cases where a unit is owned in common by two or more persons, they shall determine one (1) from among themselves, who shall represent them in the corporation. Except for the purpose of liquidation in case of dissolution, the representative designated shall be considered as members representing the unit for all purposes, in all matters related to the corporation, including service of notice of assessment and meetings, grant of proxies, voting on any matter, and the like. In cases of corporation, trust, or partnership, its authorized officers shall designate who should represent it in the corporation. In all the foregoing instances, the person duly designated (as) representative must be registered with the corporation by filing a written designation with the Secretary of the Corporation."




SECTION 50. Regular and special meetings of stockholders or members. — Regular meetings of stockholders or members shall be held annually on a date fixed in the by-laws, or if not so fixed, on any date in April of every year as determined by the board of directors or trustees: Provided, That written notice of regular meetings shall be sent to all stockholders or members of record at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting, unless a different period is required by the by-laws. 

Special meetings of stockholders or members shall be held at any time deemed necessary or as provided in the by-laws: Provided, however, That at least one (1) week written notice shall be sent to all stockholders or members, unless otherwise provided in the by-laws. 

Notice of any meeting may be waived, expressly or impliedly, by any stockholder or member. 

Whenever, for any cause, there is no person authorized to call a meeting, the Securities and Exchange Commission, upon petition of a stockholder or member on a showing of good cause therefor, may issue an order to the petitioning stockholder or member directing him to call a meeting of the corporation by giving proper notice required by this Code or by the by-laws. The petitioning stockholder or member shall preside thereat until at least a majority of the stockholders or members present have chosen one of their number as presiding officer. (24, 26) 

Elevators: Yes, no improvement even for the weekend

Elevators:  Yes, no improvement even for the weekend

The DEFECTIVE signs continue.  PE3 was also having the doors close in a slowly strange and odd manner.  You know, elevator car rides as we have experienced over the last several years is OK for amusement parks.  It was and is not amusing for the many millions spent for an advertised condominium with attributes we all suffer with now.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Elevators: PE1, PE2, PE3, PE4 and Service Elevator

Elevators:  PE1, PE2, PE3, PE4 and Service Elevator

With any post on the elevators not all problems are written about each time there is a post.  There could be a 24/7 blog just for that watching hour by hour all the problems that pop up and Band-Aids® applied.  Sorry, but it is not getting better around here with much of anything.

PE1 and PE2 have been regularly out of service at this point.  PE3 was back to functioning but the doors did not close well last night in the lobby and the bumpy ride was getting worse going up to higher floors.  PE4 was on manual, yesterday, with the 14th floor button taped DEFECTIVE.  The Service Elevator was out of order at least part of the day.

The pictures below are just an example on one floor.  The buttons for the Service Elevator show the bottom button not working, ever, as seen in the first photo then both were not working later in the day.  The middle photo is the button panel between PE1 and PE2.  Since those buttons also signal the other Passenger Elevators, I do not know why they are off and on no matter the status of PE1 and PE2.  So one must push the buttons at the other Passenger Elevator panels.  Of course, as with with most everything no transparency and no explanations.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Elevators: PE1, PE2, PE3 and PE4

Elevators: PE1, PE2, PE3 and PE4

Yes, the march, ever so bumpy, of the disastrous elevators. PE1 and PE2 are still out of order. PE3 was out of order yesterday and back to functioning today whatever that means. PE4 is out of order today, too.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Elevators: PE3 and PE4

Elevators:  PE3 and PE4

PE3 doors have a grating sound as it closes in the lobby with bumpiness increasing when it rises to higher floors

PE4's door opens and closes with a noise that does not sound good as if it is scraping with a little bang noise to follow.



An ongoing problem in Metro Manila is the periodic shortage of aerators with the threads on the inside and seemingly endless shortage of aerators with threads on the outside. I have a small plastic bag with parts for these as far as the inside pieces such as screens, etc. and a toothbrush to clean the screens of the hard slime that builds up. I have noticed in units many do not how to clean them with water spraying all over the place. The internal parts may also begin to fall apart depending upon quality. I would encourage everyone to have those coming to the Philippines to buy a few of each in the US and Canada before leaving. I do not know if parts from metric system nations work. I would even buy a couple of each from someone and show you how to clean them

Oh, the shower is another story requiring vinegar and also to replace the washers from the hose with ones that have screens to prevent particles from the water pipes from flowing into the shower heads. We recently replaced the shower head with one of these new filter types with beads for this and that to remove chlorine and heavy metals.

Elevators: PE1, PE2, PE3 & PE4

Elevators:  PE1, PE2, PE3 & PE4

Did we not buy into a condominium building that was supposed to be prepared for 886 residential units with all that was promised in ads and other documents?  So what the hell were we given?

Passenger Elevators 1, 2 and 4 are out of order.  PE3 with its bumpy ride is being run manually.  Buttons for floors 15 and 41 have the recent green paper notice taped over them reading DEFECTIVE.  Are any of the concerns who constructed this building able to explain or will they ever explain all the problems with it?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Elevators: Did we or did we not buy units in a building with real elevators?

Elevators:  Did we or did we not buy units in a building with real elevators?

Yes, were they supposed to be real elevators or are they fakes?  This building has so many problems in so many ways, it will take many types of audits on many levels to sort out the mess since turnover in 2009.

Passenger Elevator 3 (PE3) is being operated manually at ~8PM. Passenger Elevator 4 (PE4) is out of order this evening.  I was told that around 4PM only two were working.  Is this true?  And what would a day be like with all the buttons working on at the very least the elevators that are functioning whatever that may mean?

Service Elevator

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Elevators: PE3 very bumpy ride

Elevators:  PE3 very bumpy ride

While Passenger Elevator 3 has had a bumpy ride like riding over small repeated bumps on a road surface, last night was like a a road in terrible shape.  Be careful and report such incidents filing complaints at the front desk in the lobby of all problems with the elevators.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Elevators: Three not working and PE3 has issues

Elevators:  Three not working and PE3 has issues

PE1, PE2 and PE5 not working.  PE3 has a bumpy ride and when going down in it last night, it stopped at the 15th floor.  The door closed and we went nowhere.  Then the door opened after pushing the button and this continued a few times until someone went out.  They pushed the down button and then when the doors closed it started to finally go down.





Monday, September 14, 2015

Elevators: PE5 with improved DEFECTIVE signs for buttons

Elevators:  PE5 with improved DEFECTIVE signs for buttons

While the signs are nice, the Band-Aids® are really needed for the wounded buttons.  As for the rest of the mechanics and awfully restored elevator entrances much greater medical intervention is warranted.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Elevators: Yet another defective button

Elevators:  Yet another defective button

Or, Button, button, who's got the button?


Elevators: Problems continue as usual over the years

Elevators:  Problems continue as usual over the years

These were taken over the last few days.  They are not the only of many problems with the elevator cars and buttons on other floors. 

And do not forget the awful restoration job done on the entrances that were demolished.

Saturday, September 12

This panel is between PE1 and PE2.  Both buttons do not work.

This is the Service Elevator panel on the same floor with the down button still not lighting.

Friday, September 11

Thursday, September 10