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Does everyone remember this among the wonderful ads and brochures and how about the salespeople and what they told us. I hear such fantasies continue. So after watching and remembering, cry and then laugh at the truth that is being exposed.

And, if the above is not enough and you need elevated blood pressure, here is the project's brochure.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Partial State of Awfulness on the 21st Floor

A Partial State of Awfulness on the 21st Floor

(Yes, I will take photos of the other floors.  If you want your floor done sooner, let me know.)

The first four photos are Passenger Elevators 1 & 2.  The next shots are 3 through to the Service Elevator.  You will also notice a shot of the floor where there are permanent stains.  We are not sure if this was done in the process of restoring or not.  The restoration is awful.  Just awful.  Look at elevator entrances on each floor and see the work done.  If the elevator entrances were done properly as sold and turned over in 2009, why could they not be properly restored now?

See below for comments on unrelated elevator photos near the bottom of this post.  

The window sills near the elevators have been used as ashtrays and garbage holders.  Who is so awful to do this?  Then most, if not all, floors have seen the garbage on the connectors outside the windows.  Who does this and why?

This crack has been spackled and painted but it is back.  You many see it on many floors just around the corner from the elevators going to the Mayflower tower.  Do those that built the building have an explanation?

Do many recall the ropes and scaffolds with workers sealing and painting the outside walls?  Well, was that to stop this from taking place?  This is peeling below the windows going to the Mayflower tower.  Again, do those that built the buildings have an explanation for this?  You know, I see issues in this and other buildings, where is quality control and knowledge & skill to build?  Where?  Those in and outside are leaning about the condominium industry.  It is not a pretty picture.

Scrap policy on property ads? Why?

Scrap policy on property ads?  Why?

I do not know about this ad company, but I have seen many other ads and how they ever passed a judgement using Presidential Decree 957 and HLURB Board Resolution 921 is only known to them, God and the Devil. How many have even read these two docs? I have. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

What to Report?

What to Report?

Yes, there have not been many postings but the piles are here of material with more coming.  The elevators are still a mess.  Will they ever be fixed?  The destruction of the entrances in order to finally complete the building of Soho Central Condominium are then repaired but hardly to the original.  Why?

The first photos up to the last one below are of the Service Elevator.  This entrance has been destroyed in the past to try to fix this one of six elevators.  The repair job was as awful as the rest on each floor from those I have seen.  If they were able to build the entrances before properly, what was the problem in fixing them now?  Why give us this mess.  Look at this!  What a disgrace.  Sickening.

The last photo is Passenger Elevator 5.  Like the others on all the floors destruction and then repair to much less quality.  Unit Owners, how will this impact the value of each of your units?

I will try to post but much of it will only be bad news.  Hearing from other buildings about Metro Manila seems as if the condominium industry as a whole is spiraling downwards.  What is being done about this?  I have not heard anything and expect the worst to come.