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Does everyone remember this among the wonderful ads and brochures and how about the salespeople and what they told us. I hear such fantasies continue. So after watching and remembering, cry and then laugh at the truth that is being exposed.

And, if the above is not enough and you need elevated blood pressure, here is the project's brochure.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What failed in a total system reacting to Fire & Smoke on the 23rd Floor?

What failed in a total system reacting to Fire & Smoke on the 23rd Floor?

Did the electric circuit breaker function when the air conditioner was on fire or doused?

Did the flue dampers* function preventing smoke outside from flowing back into the unit?  Are there flue dampers on the flues from the stove and bathroom exhausts?

Did the smoke alarms function relaying information to the alert system downstairs?

Did the intercom function?

Did the fire alarm in the hallway outside the unit by the elevator function?

Did the elevators drop to the lobby once fire & smoke were detected?

Did the detectors above certain doors in the hallway function in response to fire?

Did the stair pressurization fans for the stairwells switch on creating positive pressure attack for ventilation and firefighting to prevent smoke from entering the hallways function?

What is a single answer for all of these questions?

* Definitions to remember obtained from a website:

"A damper works to regular air flow.
If you do not know the difference between a flue and a damper, you are not alone. Each word is often used when the speaker is referring to the other, and the idea that the words are synonyms is not uncommon. Each of the two devices, however, plays a very specific role in the proper function of a furnace or a stove.
The Flue
A flue is simply any pipe or tube that draws smoke and gases out of the home through a safe channel, like a chimney or vent. For example, if you use a fireplace, the smoke from the fire is drawn through the chimney flue and out of your home. Without this safe channel, the smoke and gases would accumulate inside your home, creating an extremely dangerous environment.
The Damper
The damper, or flue damper, is a small device inside of the flue. It serves a few purposes, including regulation of air flow and protection against rain and pests. A properly functioning damper is essential to any flue."

Monday, May 23, 2016



Everyone please check your intercom and report it if not working.

How many times has this been discussed and written about since turnover?  How many more years will just this one of many issues still disturbing the Unit Owners ("Members" in the corporate code) last?

In the following post - - this had been written:

* There were systems or other parts of the building that were approved and signed for and a complete list with those as well as details as complete backup for a binder needs to be created for full transparency for Unit Owners ("members").  The elevators are an example of a system not transferred to the Soho Central Condominium Corporation. The intercom, I believe, has also not been transferred.  But the full and complete details for all these need examination and exposure.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fire damage in 23rd floor unit

Fire damage in 23rd floor unit

I have seen it, had it explained, and I had not realized how serious the failure of the fire system was in this building.
The fire was in the Mayflower tower not this past Saturday but last Saturday. It is not good. Has anyone heard about this? If what I was told is correct, values will drop and the building is not safe. As just one part of the system, I look at a smoke detector in our unit and it is not blinking.  This is not unusual.  There were multiple failures of the system. Why were the MEMBERS of Soho Central Condominium Corporation not told?

Soho Central Condominium Handbook

Soho Central Condominium Handbook

There seems to be an issue as to the past Soho Central Condominium Handbook approved by the Board.  There was a Resident's Lounge since the beginning unless someone can show another handbook or evidence to the contrary.  It is a fact that opinion cannot override without evidence.  Everyone please download and spread to all other Unit Owners ("members" in Philippines Corporate Code).

I still have the email the handbook was attached to by The Administration as contracted at the time by those involved in the Joint Venture. Their logo in the email is also seen in this post.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

There are some new memos that have been posted.  Are those not living here getting them by email?  One involves buying a 10lb fire extinguisher.  Yes, that was in fliers given to Unit Owners when moving in after turnover.  That is 10lb.  Pounds not kilograms (kilos).  I recall some people in the past were being misdirected in getting 10kg fire extinguishers which, in my opinion, are too large and cumbersome and will be counterproductive when someone is trying to put out a fire that might take place.  A 10 kilogram extinguisher would be 22 pounds.

10lb (pounds) is 4.55kg.  I have seen units with larger extinguishers and see a distinct possibility that many people will not be able to handle them well when needed for a fire.  

1 kilo = 2.2 pounds

Stairwell Fire Exists

Stairwell Fire Exists

Everyone please check  ALL the doors on your floor to see if the doors are locked preventing entry from the stairwell.  Of course, have someone in the hallway in case it does lock not letting you back in.  Please let us know if any are locked as I have been told some are.

Fire extinguisher in Soho Central

Fire extinguisher in Soho Central

Does anyone know what is going on in the building?  Now think, just think about this as a mental experiment.  Fire breaks out and time is of the essence so besides fumbling and quickly remembering or learning how to use the fire extinguisher this one presents another problem.

You need to take the damn plastic wrap off first.  How brilliant to place this on the wall.